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  1. WOW!! So what happened to may 31st i wonder? USA. Only european console users get it 22. PC gets it on both sides on the 7th OOOHHH...TY C2B. I missed that.
  2. All said and done i'm still looking forward to DS3 and i hope it will be great. I'm a big fan of Dungeon Siege. I have DS LOA and DS2 for the pc and love the series. It's funny cause i keep thinking, i really don't need online co-op to enjoy a GREAT arpg and i think how awesome BGDA 1&2 was/is. I still play those games to this day and they don't have online co-op so it's not completely necessary i say. But then i remember how EVERYTIME i play it i can't help but think...MAN this would be so awesome with some friends online.....everytime i play it can't help think how awesome it COULD/WOULD BE and i fear i will still be thinking that when DS3 launches but for a new game in 2011....how awesome it COULD/WOULD be. I will rent it day 1, and if it's awesome i'll buy it but i definately need to test drive it first now. I really hope it blows me away. I like the gameplay i've seen so far and i can't wait to play it on my 47" 1080p. Oh yeah and i almost forgot the demo comming out this comming week. I wonder if it will have the online co-op available?
  3. IMO this is the absolute worst decision you could EVER make in a online arpg. Well then its a good point that it isn't an online focused ARPG, isn't it? It has co-op with friends and thats it. Your whole argument is based on a assumption that just isn't fact. And yes, thats why its also a design decision. And thats also why not WE are the fools but YOU are. Don't you mean co-op with FRIEND? The host? OK i'll play along. So if it's co-op focused who thought i'd be a good idea to FORCE players to play with one host the ENTIRE campaign and have him keep OUR characters and not allow us to play CO-OP with ANY friend at ANYTIME with custom built characters? I'd love to have heard that board meeting. (hey guys today we want to talk about core gameplay features and what we want in our co-op experience. Any ideas? Yes, we want to play the entire campaign with friends....ok ofcourse. (guy in the back)..we want to build awesome characters we can play cooperatively with all our friends. And jump in their games and help when they need it, and keep items and xp when we leave yeah!! (answer).....ummmm noooooo...i don't think we want that in our game, we want drop in drop out co-op but we think it's best if the host keeps all saves and characters......lmao REALLY!! You actually think they thought this? And all agreed it was a good idea? No way.
  4. IMO this is the absolute worst decision you could EVER make in a online arpg. Everyone knows people don't want to be forced to play a character they cannot build and play with ALL friends ANYTIME they want. Making us play with ONE player the entire campaign is complete garbage. Why not just make it like D2, sacred2 and probably countless others where you jump in a multiplayer game, do a couple qustst and take your character. Then you can simply join, or start another game anytime you want as long as the game is isnt farther than you are in the campaign you can get credit and continue. WHY CAN'T YOU DO THIS? It wouldn't be a problem if you had a free play mode or something as well but forcing players to play like this is just bad. I'm gonna rent it, and if i like it i will probably buy it but it still doesn't make sense to do this. It leads me to believe the devs COULDN'T pull it off. Anyone who says this is a design decision is a fool imo. They know what players want in their multiplayer rpgs, and the MAIN thing is persistant characters they can build and play with friends.
  5. I think this was a bad direction to take the game in my own personal opinion. You say it may disappoint those looking for a "Diablo style semi-persistant MP", but that's what Dungeon Siege (multiplayer) was about. =P Taking the characters you build and going on loot runs/exploring with friends/EXP runs... At least that's what I did. What's the point of playing a game you've beaten online with friends if the only reason to play is to rehash a story you already know the ending to? It didn't work for fable 2-3 and it wouldn't work for this game either (or at least those are my suspicions)... Developers could definitely make a different map for multiplayer that's less about story and more about the endgame multiplayer content... That's what the first game did (although they allowed you to play the singleplayer maps as well as the multiplayer maps online). When I was finished with the single player game, I would import my character to multiplayer and continue the game there. It just seems odd that a loot centric dungeon crawler wouldn't have much in the way of endgame material... In fact, I can't really think of another loot centric dungeon crawler that doesn't have endgame material off the top of my head. =P Don't get me wrong... I think this will be a great game, and I will pre-order it for sure. =) I'm just a bit disappointed with what I hear about the end-game... I'm with ya..If (and thats a big if) there is no kind of persistant multiplayer to loot and level with your friends this will be a rental for the story and i'll chalk it up to a co-op action game. I hope it's more than that though because i really want a co-op dungeon crawler to play with friends.
  6. True. Thats why i said i hope they have a true multiplayer game mode. All this co-op stuff is confusing, and as you mentioned no one from obsidian seems to worried about comming on here and clearing it up for us. Until then we're stuck with rumors and half played demo previews and such to speculate on. It's not really our fault.
  7. I don't follow, what is wrong with this? This isn't "save resources", that's, well, customizable characters. You want 4 different types of warriors that are all 'locked' into one specialism? Well the loot drop system will then act as a balancer, i.e. ensure that nothing too OP drops for your character. Will be an interesting problem in MP though, where you could arguably drop some crazy stuff for Level 1s, or when chars of diff. levels are playing. Yep, seems that way if it's true. And imo it will actually devalue items in the game. Low level characters shouldn't be able to use high level items.
  8. http://www.gamebanshee.com/interviews/1017...-siege-iii.html Good info there. All pretty good except a few things i noticed. 1. No armor sets. 2. No main boss farming. 3. No item requirements of any kind. (other than character). May be a good thing, not sure. 4. 15-20 hours gameplay per playthrough.
  9. Good to know. Blood is just cosmetics in the end, it's no deal breaker at all. Now if the gameplay and depth was stripped down to an action game button masher (looking at you again fable) you can beat in no time and be done with that would be disapointing. You've mentioned Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance a few times before. This is one of my favorite a/rpgs of all time. And if it's anything like those games i'm sure DS3 will be great. I still play those games to this day from time to time. The only origonal xbox games i still have. Oh and i think it's awesome how you guys actually post on these boards and keep in touch with the community. Thanks Nathaniel.
  10. Something like Diablo 2 I think. Unlikely, since in Diablo 2 the amount of points you can put into a skill is almost limitless, while DS3 seems a lot more limited. I think we should think of DS3's multiplayer as centered around playthroughs instead of being centered around the characters. Yeah like Diablo or Sacred where you can jump in a game with friends and kill stuff, grind for loot,build your character and just do whatever thats not binded by story. A free mode so to speak.
  11. This is just for co-op though right? I'm sure there's gonna be an persistant non-story related online mode right? Where we can all build our characters and play online together?
  12. No. You will have to make Anjali or one of the other two to play with. I see...guess we'll need to create 4 multiplayer characters at once then. That way no matter who you have to play you'll be good.
  13. Fair enough guys. OK, now that we know Obsidian wants a family friendly game thats easy to pick up a handle jump in and play (wich is fine) what about the more seasond veteran? You mentioned complexity above, is the game gonna be complex enough for long time a/rpg fans as well? I hope so.
  14. I don't know....I've been playing a/rpgs for a long time and it just seems to fit the genre so well. It's no deal breaker for me though. I'm getting it. I noted earlier how titan quest did a great job without blood. Blood just seems fitting in a dungeon crawler.
  15. If your definition of a kids/adult game is how much blood and gore is in a game you may miss the point. Its a design choice and Nathaniel explained well enough why they did it. Yes he explained why they did that and it was quite clear. It was so you can play with your kids and younger siblings. So the game was designed to be played by children. The thing is i'm sure you'll be killing all sorts or demons, gouls, undead, monsters and god knows what else but a little blood is too much right?
  16. Great...so it's a kid game then lol. Why not make it an option though. And Dungeon Siege has always had blood and gore in it. Why take that out so little junior can play? Don't they have lego games for that?
  17. I disagree. I do agree that blood/gore doesn't need to be in every game but in a game where you use a sword to slash and bash i do prefer blood. Even torchlight has blood and it's cartoon looking, but it helps the combat have more of an impact imo. This is ofcourse just MY preference. Titan Quest didn't have blood/gore and i did enjoy that game quite a bit but i do prefer it.
  18. Sweet preview!! Can't wait to learn more about the online multiplayer.
  19. Um no, no it really doesn't. Are they aiming for a PG rating or an R18 or what? If it's intended to be family friendly gore'll be out. I guess they could still include lesbian kissing though with a PG rating. Not that I'm suggesting it merely going off on a tangent - there was a bit of a controversy here a while ago. DS1 had gore settings as I recall, no blood, red blood and green blood. Nothing radical but you could enable it if you wanted to. Not sure about DS2, I'm thinking not but can't recall. DS2 had gibs. You could decimate enemies with criticals and power moves. IMO it adds a sort of intensity to the combat in a dungeon crawler. Not a deal breaker if it isn't in but i don't see why they wouldn't be able to put it in and add the option to turn it off for those who don't want it. Or have it off by defaukt and allow us to turn it on. This way everyones happy.
  20. I would like for it to atleast have blood. It would be awesome though. I loved BGDA, when you hit an enemy sometimes chunks of flesh would fly off...lol. It was verry satisfying to say the least. But if not you know D3 wii satisfy all those needs :D.
  21. I'm sure I read here that 30 is the maximum level for your character. That being the case the 20 hours of gameplay must be all you can do with one character. No unlockable harder difficulty settings would be my guess. Plus you can't respec so if you discover you've stuffed your build it's game over. Still makes for 20 hours sword melee playing plus 20 hours of spear melee playing plus a bit of fire plus 20 hours of target practice with the gun girl plus 20 hours of the unknown character. I was thinking a mage but given magic seems to be getting shunted in favour of tech it struck me that maybe the final class is actually an alchemist - He\She\It is holding a glass container. Maybe something akin to Angel but with the focus on poison potions and the like perhaps? Level 30 is kinda low imo. Especially if you can attain it in 20 hours. Verry low infact. I hope it takes longer than that to max out a character, atleast in multiplayer.
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