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  1. I somewhat agree, though I think you kind of over-powered wind in your descriptions. I believe sorcerers are the proper style choice for all magic users, pooled mana that all spells utilize. Other classes should instead focus on something more specialized like wizards holding less magical power but more spells at their disposal (more flexable but less powerful). One aspect I have always wanted to see is an in depth capability for enchanted single use items. Creating fire scrolls for non-magic characters or stocking up on them for when your mana runs low. I am wondering just how they pl
  2. The horrific event you witness that gets everything started is your own discovery of your ability to make people consume their own scrotums. The act of which has created an army of scrotumless individuals to ban together and seek your doom. You must make your way away from them while trying to discover why you have such a power, and pondering why an army of scrotumless individuals still has the testosterone driven strength to hunt you so verociously... Anywho, I welcome weird as long as it is balanced. Game breaking weird is just too annoying.
  3. I have always seen level scalling as being utilized improperly. Oblivion took it way too far. Fallout 3 never felt challenging until post level 20 (10 minutes of shooting one super mutant in the face in one encounter, though it still didn't feel challenging). I prefer the feel of never knowing exactly what I'll encounter. Predicting what enemies I'll come across becomes dull. I like the idea of enemy loading off of a chance generation. Certain areas would spawn specific enemies without fail but then have a variety of spots that may or may not load a completely random enemy. Single lo
  4. I think they built a fully automated, cryptic sentence building program that spouts out plot points at a rate of 500 lines a minute and just needed a gimmick to show it off with. It's name would of course be Ourobouros! Named that because it writes lines, reads them over, and uses them as inspiration for the next thing it writes.
  5. Ponnies! Gather to Godhammer citadel. No more pilgramages. No more waiting. We will remind them that we are to be feared.
  6. He may be onto something but not cows. Do I smell a herd of burning moose?
  7. Its just sad that Sega is taking so long to do anything for this game. I truly do hope that Obsidian doesn't work with Sega again any time soon. Sega is building a bad track record in my mind. They canceled Alien vs Predator, they almost canceled Alpha Protocol and they did so in the oddest ways. How unprofessional is it to wait until the shipping day to say the date has been pushed back half a year. I know this isn't the place for it but Sega really needs to start being more professional in the way they act with Obsidian. Really just the way they act in general lately. Hope the patch p
  8. There was a thread I read through that stated the license for AP is owned by Obsidian and not Sega. Sega technically misinformed the public when they stated there would be no sequel since it is not their call. Their press release should have stated something more like, "We will not be funding a sequel." Regardless, due to the bad publicity, etc., I don't see a sequel being very likely. I love the game but a spiritual successor would be just fine (similar concept but different characters, etc.). Besides, should AP be discovered, they'll just change their name and move to a different site.
  9. I was sold on the game the moment I heard the premise over a year before the original release date. The concept just flew into my brain and started sparking off ideas and possibilities. I am well aware that I tend to let my imagination overindulge and push bounds beyond what is possible to create within a time limit and budget but the game delivered very well. Even after the half year push back of Sega sitting on the game till they felt like releasing it, even after it was trashed on near every review site I read, even after hearing people bash it as a glitchy flop that doesn't deserve a se
  10. Yes, in (A)D&D system, magic plays a great role. I don't know how it works in Dungeon Siege 1/2 and Dragon Age, though. However, I've gotten an impression that, in DSIII, the players don't need to shift among characters even if they are allowed to do so. If the AI is made like that, it is possible that the same AI is applied to PC and I cannot come up with any reason to go against that possible additional option since it seems to be a simple extension of the existing function (I'm not a programmer, so correct me if I'm wrong, though). Again, all of these are just hypothetical and we n
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