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  1. This.(Actually these) 2. 25% of the RPG is about character creation, 25% is character development(physical and mental and gear wise), 50% is story/atmosphere/dialogues to me. So i think you shot yourself in the leg without character creation (I got used to it but it'd be cool to create my own James Bond or Mata Hari =/) 4. That's a bit problematic. You should design it to reward players who are investigating stuff, talking to different NPC's than regular ones etc while not forcing people to do the same. Maybe random events in different places might help too.(10% possibility to se
  2. Ok I have sent you a private message. Got it mate thank you. Is that so? I wasn't into RPG's much until first KOTOR(except Fallout's) so excuse me if my post was wrong or let's say incomplete. Anyway then it is worse Still nothing explains why Bioware isn't accused of using "same **** different day" plots while AP, a more unique game in RPG genre takes whole flame. Not that AP is best game ever but still i don't think it deserves that much flame even with all its flaws.
  3. (Sorry for my poor english) I agree with you. Only one thing (which I have already said in another post): you forgot to say that Mass Effect 2 story is a shameless plagiarism of a recent and famous "Sci-Fi Opera". For me this is important, but no reviewer has said a word about this plagiarism. Why do you think this plagiarism is being ignored? Hehe i'm not a big fan of sci-fi except Star Wars and i don't really watch any recent movies, no matter how good or praised they are(Still watching good old 70's) (But if you can PM me about the movie or tv-series that you mentioned i'l
  4. How else would you play it? You still have to point the gun and shoot. If it was pick an enemy and an ability, like the ranged combat in KOTOR, I could understand it, but in AP the overall system is still standard cover based shooter. With stats crowbarred in for some reason. (You still didn't say what exactly they add to the gameplay, mind you.) Okay... In KOTOR(I-II doesn't really matter) ever went to point blank, use your some ranged ability but your guy hits the ceiling? Of course you'll say "I don't have a crosshair that's pointed to enemy's skull!" but a blind man can hit a man
  5. VGChartz predictions are little more than guesswork. The only sales-releated information released was the number of initial preorders which could have easily changed given the critical reception. As for DLC - tracking active number of players on xfire and steam seems to show that AP popularity is abysmal so I wouln't count on it. Typical response but kinda true : Even though these can give us some clues not everyone uses xfire or steam. And also not everyone continues to play a game after finishing it once until something new(aka dlc/big mods/expansion pack/sequel) comes out/announc
  6. Hmm let's see. Vampire The Masquerade : The Bloodlines was bugged upto sky too.(Crashing at leopold's place, glitches&bugs, not could be able to start game since it's black screen but sound playing... So many really) But it was first ever game that used famous Source engine(Even released or announced to be released before Half Life 2) so people bought it. It was also second in a series(Redemption was first) that some people liked and it was based on White Wolf setting which has "not so little amount" of fans. Also don't forget "Vampire" lovers who had no idea about previous games or Wh
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