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  1. This.(Actually these) 2. 25% of the RPG is about character creation, 25% is character development(physical and mental and gear wise), 50% is story/atmosphere/dialogues to me. So i think you shot yourself in the leg without character creation (I got used to it but it'd be cool to create my own James Bond or Mata Hari =/) 4. That's a bit problematic. You should design it to reward players who are investigating stuff, talking to different NPC's than regular ones etc while not forcing people to do the same. Maybe random events in different places might help too.(10% possibility to see this, 20% possibility to see that etc.) Social places to visit just to chat with NPC's or sort out a few secret deals or buying information or having a cup of tea or bazaars to buy clothing etc may help.(I can understand that you can't put a weapon/armor dealer since it won't make sense) Places shouldn't be too big since big = empty because of possible design problems(Lack of NPC's, copy/paste places, same conversations with NPC's etc) but it shouldn't be this small and limited aswell(aka safehouses) Also i'd like more options for clothes and armors and their customisation. And don't put different pre-order bonuses(You are doing same in Fallout New Vegas though -.-). Nobody will buy a second copy to get both gifts but think that you're trying to force people to choose. Why not just give them both? Can't you introduce a dlc that contains both packages for guys that haven't pre-ordered but bought the game? Ah well...
  2. Ok I have sent you a private message. Got it mate thank you. Is that so? I wasn't into RPG's much until first KOTOR(except Fallout's) so excuse me if my post was wrong or let's say incomplete. Anyway then it is worse Still nothing explains why Bioware isn't accused of using "same **** different day" plots while AP, a more unique game in RPG genre takes whole flame. Not that AP is best game ever but still i don't think it deserves that much flame even with all its flaws.
  3. Bad title. Swearing doesn't help and it's not impossible. But i can agree to you to some extent. Talking about Fallout(I'm sure you're talking about first two ones but 3rd one is closer to AP as design) haven't you gone in small arms skills in third game? Did it make you think like "Oh i can't convince super mutants not to attack me by talking... This game is ****ing ****!" You can use some speech skills which are availible in renegade/paragorn in Mass Effect but again boss fights are fights after all, even in there. And in AP you can use dossier information on people while talking or again choose to spare or execute but boss fights are boss fights. It's not all about Obsidian or Alpha Protocol or any other game really, it's the state of whole sector(aka I r h3ro, i r l33t l0lz) Developers in RPG or MMO sector generally thought they'd reach to a smaller but dedicated player base since start. But since WoW's success on masses they thought it might be better idea to influence casuals while don't caring much about hardcore or power or dedicated player base.(Or let's say concentrating on casuals since they're everywhere... I mean millions of people play WoW while "not so carebear friendly" games only reach to a few thousand sales) Even if developers would care distributers wouldn't allow them because money is important in life eh? So that's when instead of supporting/using or thinking about different approaches to gameplay they decided to give people what they want. Players generally want instant glories, feel like a hero, want to "pew-pew" whole way around, want to be "leet", instant/fast paced gameplay which rewards them with no real reason at all... So why wasting resources that only for a few people while you can please a larger audience in other way?(Money, distributor's greed or it can be about even reviews... Just check how many adventures released this year and also check the same thing about FPS's. Not many people like talking, investigating etc but shooting them in the face! Sad but true =/) It always works in same way in nowaday's games(excluding good old Fallout I-II etc since it's sad but their golden times has gone) so why choosing AP to rant about? PS : Btw gameplay wise... i'm glad that AP isn't so "casual housewife" friendly that you need to aim at least. Too bad Obsidian gets flamed by "poor combat mechanics" because of that
  4. Alan Parker- 9 Albatross- 13 Ali Shaheed- 9 Conrad Marburg- 10 Grigori Pazinhov- 6 Henry Leland- 11 (+1) Hong Shi- 11 Konstantin Brayko- 13 Mina Tang- 9 Omen Deng- 16 Ronald Sung- 8 (-1) Here's a proof that you're going down mister president SIE- 14 Scarlet Lake- 16 Sergei Surkov- 5 Sis- 17 Steven Heck- 15 Yancy Westridge- 6
  5. (Sorry for my poor english) I agree with you. Only one thing (which I have already said in another post): you forgot to say that Mass Effect 2 story is a shameless plagiarism of a recent and famous "Sci-Fi Opera". For me this is important, but no reviewer has said a word about this plagiarism. Why do you think this plagiarism is being ignored? Hehe i'm not a big fan of sci-fi except Star Wars and i don't really watch any recent movies, no matter how good or praised they are(Still watching good old 70's) (But if you can PM me about the movie or tv-series that you mentioned i'll check it out) Even though i don't follow mainstream movies i'm sure some reviewers do but since we haven't heard about how ME I is heavily "inspired" from KOTOR I, i'm not so surprised not to hear that. It might be about the change in gamer profile. People respect looks and graphics not the ideas or originality.(You can check how WoW stole ideas from other games like UO/SWG etc. You can also feel free to browse any MMO forums to see "Introduce x from WoW" titles. People always after same thing not originality) "Make me feel like hero in easiest/fastest way! I don't care about how deep/original the story or the game is!" which i think will be failure of SWTOR(Not business wise but as design) and even probably gaming industry in long term but that's another subject ) Just thoughts...
  6. How else would you play it? You still have to point the gun and shoot. If it was pick an enemy and an ability, like the ranged combat in KOTOR, I could understand it, but in AP the overall system is still standard cover based shooter. With stats crowbarred in for some reason. (You still didn't say what exactly they add to the gameplay, mind you.) Okay... In KOTOR(I-II doesn't really matter) ever went to point blank, use your some ranged ability but your guy hits the ceiling? Of course you'll say "I don't have a crosshair that's pointed to enemy's skull!" but a blind man can hit a man who is about let's say 180 cm long and let's say 90 cm wide(Makes 1.62 m squared if you calculate) from point blank.(Think about you're holding your pistol/rifle/whatever properly too) Also even in point blank in Fallout 3 your chances are 95% maximum even if you're aiming properly to enemy's head. So in RPG's or RPG shooters(Not counting ME series because they're just jokes about aiming from any distance) it works in that way. Why not? Why do you think that it would be a worse game without the stats? It might work better or not but it wouldn't be a RPG. Let me be simple : Stats = RPG, Obsidian is a company that makes RPGs... You expect Blizzard to make a driving simulation? No? WoW : Cart Racing would be good, "why do you think that it would be a worse game"?(Umh now i have a headache because i sound like i'm defending WoW yet i hate it -.-) If you want a pure, realistic shooter go for Operation Flashpoint(first one) or Sniper Elite but i'm not so sure you'll love the shooting there aswell(You need to aim properly, think about wind and distance etc) Of course AP has its flaws(no character creation, less armors/clothing, a few glitches over here and there) but why do people want to change every single different game to their favourite game? Their close minded favouritism ruins the whole gaming business.
  7. VGChartz predictions are little more than guesswork. The only sales-releated information released was the number of initial preorders which could have easily changed given the critical reception. As for DLC - tracking active number of players on xfire and steam seems to show that AP popularity is abysmal so I wouln't count on it. Typical response but kinda true : Even though these can give us some clues not everyone uses xfire or steam. And also not everyone continues to play a game after finishing it once until something new(aka dlc/big mods/expansion pack/sequel) comes out/announced. It's not multiplayer after all.(If they only knew what they're missing... Anyway these guys/lads make me feel special) It's like mini skirt as Ebbe Skovdahl would say... It can give you good ideas but hide the most important thing Not that i think AP sales are more than 150-200k sadly but just playing devil's advocate here.
  8. Hmm let's see. Vampire The Masquerade : The Bloodlines was bugged upto sky too.(Crashing at leopold's place, glitches&bugs, not could be able to start game since it's black screen but sound playing... So many really) But it was first ever game that used famous Source engine(Even released or announced to be released before Half Life 2) so people bought it. It was also second in a series(Redemption was first) that some people liked and it was based on White Wolf setting which has "not so little amount" of fans. Also don't forget "Vampire" lovers who had no idea about previous games or White Wolf So of course it worked.(Troika bankrupted which is sad but VTM:B still has its own player base who're working on fixes after 6 years. So i can say it worked) (Overall gamestats score is 8.3) KOTOR 2. It wasn't bugged as much as VTM:B to be fair but when you were close to endgame you'd realise there were some missing content. Atmosphere, prestige classes, well designed NPC's, being able to effect NPC's standing towards to you were all fine but ending was all rushed up.(LA's fault as far as i know but that's not our subject:) ) But again it worked well. Because it was a sequel to famous, legendary KOTOR and it was based on Star Wars setting after all.(Fans were trying to add missing content after years, no idea if they added or not yet. But it worked)(Overall gamestats score is 8.6) Fallout 3. It was bugged, yes. Unpolished, game breaking bugs, blue screens of death, alt-tab caused crash... But RPG fans waited for it since Fallout 2(1999) and loved all games.(Better not to forget Oblivion which was only overrated in my opinion but received good reviews as an advert to Bethesda and their Fallout 3) Also by changing isometric style to FPS Bethesda gained massive fanbase while trying not to lose Fallout fanbase.(At least they said so.) Even with all the bugs it worked very well. It received good reviews but old fans(fans of FO and/or FO2) flamed Bethesda all over the internet while new fans tried to defend their game.(Advert in a good or bad way... Both works:) ) In the meantime Bethesda fixed the game, modders did their job so tada! We had a new classic.(Overall gamestats score is 9.0) GTA 4. It was waited since San Andreas and Rockstar was(still is) good at advertising. It probably was good at consoles while... PC version was the most un-optimised game i've ever seen.(And no Crysis doesn't count since it was revolutionary about engine, technology etc. so it could be accepted. But GTA 4 was... just un-optimised console port) But again due to previous games' success and GTA's sandbox system(Follow the quest or type cheats and blow up some stuff or just drive around or...) it worked(Overall gamestats score is 8.1) Alpha Protocol's gamestats score is 6.3. Which i can say it's under "mediocre" according to this score.(7-8 is good, 8< is classic... At least that's my thoughts) Let me try to answer "why? why 6.3/10?" 1) Because people thought it should be another a) Splinter Cell(Spy game) b)Mass Effect 1 or 2(RPG shooter) Habits you know? If you play Fifa all day you'd expect Pro Evolution Soccer to become a Fifa clone. No cookies for them from me but i can understand to expect same old thing in this "speeded up" world which everything is just a copy of another. (I don't agree to this but opinions of people anyway) Also I have a friend who plays Hitman series like a shooter which is totally against game's design. But he thinks Hitman sucks since Call Of Duty has better shooting mechanics.(Yeah, he's Captain Obvious) He also couldn't be able to finish MGS I because of the need to hide. (He'd probably give Alpha Protocol 5-6 because of not only not trying to understand game's design but also having it his way) 2) Lack of character creation, gender selection I completely agree to this. A change in romances or dialogues or even looks, generally make people play over over again(just like modding) 3) Hard gameplay Both yes and no to this. Because it has a learning curve which you need to invest your time and practise. If you realise it, your opinion will get better but if you're a casual gamer who wants to take everything on a silver plate you won't stand learning stuff. A person who voted 2/10 couldn't be able to pass the tutorial(Try Operation Flashpoint I, you'll love me), another guy from a video review(Probably an editor who gets money for doing "reviews") was telling how underpowered pistols are... Oh yeah!? I mean, really? I can agree to "mouse lag" in hacking system but all other stuff depends on practising.(And i'm sure mouse issue will be fixed) 4) Bugs Every single game has it.(Read upside) So it won't really count. But of course polishing before release is always good 5) Poor AI Just let me tell you what Bioware fixed in their second patch of ME 2 : Fixed an issue where enemies sometimes 'pop-up' onto cover after taking damage.(Which still happens to me and yes it breaks whole mood/RP or game experience to see that kind of stuff) Or remember in KOTOR series team members loved to walk over a mine. And of course if you invest in stealth you can't be seen easily... It's not about AI 6) Balance Come on, it's not a MMO who cares about balance? Oh actually check this out. It's been 5 years and they're nerfing/boosting up abilities in an online game which has a fan army : http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/ So isn't it normal to have balance issues?(Remember force lightning in KOTOR or think about mages in Dragon Age) 7) Not a sequel or not using a pre-designed setting Well let me summarise KOTOR series, ME series and Dragon Age to get the "idea" (Massive spoilers about these ahead) And check their settings... Star Wars(You can sell people blank CD's by this franchise), medieval typical elf/dwarf crap(It sells since the beginning of time) and a new sci-fi one(Not only sci-fi sells but also Bioware somehow convinced people it's totally "new") Anyway for me Alpha Protocol deserves something around 7.5-8/10 because of lack of character creation and lack of free roaming/chatting over here and there but this 1-2 points(6.3-7.5 or 6.3- makes game go up from "mediocre" to "good", which is fair enough for any game. Not only i appreciate real time setting(No mutants allowed) in a RPG but also it's something fresh(more fresh at least) and NPC's and their stances... I missed that much characteriestic NPC's since Atton from KOTOR 2(ME 2 has some good NPC's too, to be fair) After playing Alpha Protocol(finished 2 times, working on third) i'm really worried about the gems that i'm missing because of these so-called "reviewers" PS: I think i got an achivement of longest post in any forums
  9. Voted for SIE since it'd be interesting(Sis also would be great but i only had one vote ) but i wouldn't really mind a new character with a character creation screen where you can decide how you look(not only a few hairs or hats etc), your gender, your skin colour, your hair style, your face etc.(Actually will be better )
  10. All characters are well designed and have different personalities. But i guess my favourites are Sie(Ride of valkyries, big machine gun, loves to kick arse and a female... What else?), Sis(Mute character who follows orders and has nasty pistols with different looking... She's both attractive and seems tough but melancholic. I think she's interesting), Scarlett , Steven Heck , Marburg(Smart, calm, professional, cold blooded villian that we all love. Reminds me of Agent 47 from Hitman because of looks and stance), Leland(The big brother eh? With really good voice acting and his charisma he felt like he's alive), Omen Deng(Really good voice and charismatic looking plus i think his story is well written.), Albatross(So many details are still hidden but he's helping Mike not because that he likes Mike but his intentions make him to act in that way. Meaning of professional alongside Marburg) Neutral/Can't decide : Mina , other Alpha Protocol guys(Well they just followed orders for their country's sake no matter what. But again they didn't care about Micheal. So it's a stalemate i think) Don't like : Madison(Typical girl next door cliche which is not so interesting.), Darcy , Mike(His voice acting was sometimes bad but nothing much to worry about. Seriously only needed character creation and gender selection instead of pre-designed. It's third quarter of 2010 not 1990's)
  11. Alan Parker - 10 Albatross - 11 Ali Shaheed - 10 Conrad Marburg - 10 Grigori Pazinhov - 7 Henry Leland - 10 Hong Shi - 11 Konstantin Brayko - 11 Mina Tang - 10 Omen Deng - 14 Ronald Sung - 9 SIE - 13 (+1) Scarlet Lake - 16 Sean Darcy - 4 (-1) Sergei Surkov - 7 Sis - 13 Steven Heck - 15 Yancy Westridge - 8
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