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  1. I chose the last three. Dialog and plot are my chief concerns with RPGs, and if a game is bug-free then it ensures that it's a good and hassle-free experience. Complex quests and multiple ways to solve 'em are important, but they're not as important to me as the other two. I don't care if a game has a big, open world to explore or not. Most of the dungeons in Oblivion wound up being the same thing over and over again, even if it was a nice gimmick at first. Exploration is nice, but if there's too much focus on it then it winds up taking away form the story and quests.
  2. I'd love to see Bourne, but somehow it doesn't seem likely. The problem is that Bourne is very proactive, whereas Bond is re-active. In gaming it's difficult to have the player be pro-active and set things up like Bourne would, whereas it's easy to set things up and have the player react like Bond would. So we'll probably see Bond instead of Bourne.
  3. Get in some QA time. Many of the producers I know worked their way up out of QA, and even if you can't get the promotion right from there, you'll better understand the realities of the industry. And Tale, I'm not sure if he'll get your answer. It's been three years.... Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! I'll be looking for summer internships and I'll look for some QA jobs when I've graduated. I'll chime back in if I find an internship or two with info for others interested.
  4. Let's see, I have...6 characters? And so far 4 have completed everything through to MotB. My Ranger is almost done and my Warlock is to follow...and then I'm going to make a bard, so that'll be 7.
  5. I'm also curious about this as well. I'm a sophomore at UC Davis in California, and I've just started contemplating a job as a producer. I've read what I can and I've got a decent idea of what the job entails and whether it suits me or not, and I think it's something I'd really enjoy. Does anyone have any advice besides getting an internship?
  6. Really?! (w00t) Any more info or links? Crap...might have to quit City of Heroes/Villains if that's the case. Can only do one subscription MMO at a time. :'(
  7. Right now I'm playing: - Final Fantasy III (got it from roomie for Christmas - yay!) - Final Fantasy XII - .Hack//GU Vol. 1 - City of Heroes/Villains - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (third time...then going to play II once Restoration Project is done) - Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (trying for 100% on EXPERT...freaking hard!) - NWN 2 (second time) - Shadow Hearts (Covenent afterwards) - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (thid time) I go back and forth on these, spending a couple hours playing a day depending on what my mood is and whether my roomies are on the PS2 or not. Now that the Winter Break is here then I'll get to spend some more time on 'em and knock a few out.
  8. Ah man, reading this makes me want to start up Bloodlines again...good thing it's Winter Break and the quarter is over so I've got time to do so. Yay! I personally love the Malkavians and the Tremere - Malks for the hilariously awesome dialogues and Tremere because they're mages and I mages. Best part of the second playthrough: talking to the thin blood Malk and going, "Oh. THAT'S what she meant." We should all write to White Wolf and tell 'em they need to get a developer to make more WoD CRPGs. I'm not familiar with the setting, but I love what little I do know. Mage the Mage setting if not the Vampire one...hmm...
  9. Same here...and the fact that a majority of the work seems to be done is definitely a nice addition.
  10. Yes, but some response or post from the team would be nice. Doesn't help that the website doesn't seem to be working. I was really looking forward to this, along with the Restoration Project. Totally would have gone out and gotten a copy of KotOR II again (sold back my old one a long time ago). Heck, I think I'll get one anyways because of the Restoration Project. At least that's still going...
  11. Yeah, keep on going through the sound files, and let us know what else you find. I really wish these had been included and LA wasn't being dumb by pushing up the release date. Still, we've got what we've got, and I just hope we manage to find the answers to our questions.
  12. Interesting enough as he died in K1. Another Zombie then <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Only if you were DS. LS had everyone alive and well.
  13. *bump* So people who are still confused can read this and (maybe) get some peace of mind. Key word there is maybe.
  14. There's another thread that has a lot of information that helps to fill in the plot holes. I believe it's called "Filling in Plot Holes." KotOR II was much more a personal story than a save-the-galaxy story. Some people like that type, some people don't. As for the rest, I recommend checking out the other topic thread and looking in there, then perhaps posting whatever remains unanswered in there.
  15. Obsidian. Keeping in mind that I only watched a friend play and am waiting for the PC version, I also think that if Obsidian had more time KotOR II would have been better. From what everyone else has said, everything was just as good as, if not better, than KotOR except for the ending which felt rushed. Obviously the rushing wouldn't have happened if LA didn't push up the deadline and Obsidian actually had the time to do what they wanted... If anyone from Obsidian is reading this, please include in the PC version what you wanted to in the XBox version.
  16. Check out the "Filling in Plot Holes" thread...it answers a lot of questions. Nihilus is supposed to be easy due to a reason that can be figured out if you think about it, but I think I'd agree about Sion... Overall seems good to me. Keep in mind I watched a friend play through a fair bit of the game and I too am waiting for the PC version.
  17. I think the "lack of a visible villain" thing was to try to make the plot twist more effective. Besides, Sion and Nihilus (or however you spell 'em) were both linked to Kreia in certain ways, Sion cares for her, shown by his jealousy towards her preference for you over him, and Nihilus in a way uses her to help feed his hunger. Not knowing what was going on villain-wise was, I believe, to try and get the Planescape: Tormet effect where you try and figure out who the heck you are and what the heck is going on with you. I believe the whole point of KotOR II was more of a personal quest with your character than it was a "save the galaxy" quest like KotOR I...though don't worry, with the unnamed remaining Sith Lords I'm sure KotOR III will be lots of saving the galaxy... Are you guys sure KotOR III hasn't been announced? I was sure I recalled LucasArts releasing something on it being planned or announced, but they didn't know who the developer would be...
  18. Hello all, I've just started reading through the Eberron Campaign Setting, and I think it's awesome. I'd just like to mention that I think it would be cool if the next CRPG you guys worked on, if you were planning on it being another licensed game, was set in Eberron. I really think that RPGs should start branching into the other campaign settings if they're going to be D&D games. I mean, I love the Forgotten Realms, but I think it would be quite interesting to learn more of the other settings. Also, if there is going to be another RPG set in the FR, I'd like for it to be where you could actually travel to the other continents. Like, you could sail from Waterdeep or Neverwinter or wherever and go to Maztica or the oriental one (forgot its name) and visit. Anyone have any thoughts?
  19. Hello all, I've just seen a few people who are posting suggestions for NWN 2 in this area. This specific forum is for general suggestions to Obsidian about game ideas and what you like in games. If you have something specific to post, please post it in the NWN II - Suggestions forum. That's where it belongs, so that's where you should post it. Same thing with KotOR II...KotOR II suggestions go in the KotOR II - Suggestions forum. I mean, seriously, folks...how hard can it be to scroll down? Heck, when you're posting in this specific forum it even says: Suggestions Forum This forum is for posting suggestions, questions or comments about our website, forums, or games you'd like to see. To make a suggestion about one of our games currently in development, please post in the respective Suggestions forum for the game in question. Thanks! So let's all try to be more observant and read the screen every once in a while, m'kay? My apologies if I sound like an @$$, it is not my intention to be one.
  20. For everyone that said Jolee, I totally agree. To everyone that said Carth...read my earlier post. I think it's on this topic. Might be on another. *shrugs* Meh.
  21. Oh, I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope Fable is going to be made for PC...last I heard it was only for X-Box, but I REALLY want to play it and I don't have one...*sigh*
  22. In your opinion. Some people play RPGs for the plotline, like I do. All a matter of personal taste and style of play.
  23. I read the Dune series and I totally get it. He always was more of a misunderstood hero than a villain...I mean, yes, he did have some "bad" methods of doing things, but his ultimate goal is to aid mankind and he knows how to do it so he is doing it, regardless of what others say or feel. I think this would be an interesting "Villain"...someone who knows something that others do not and act accordingly to do something that will benefit people overall, but causes hardship along the way. I know there already are plenty of villains like that, but not to the extent of The Worm. What people WANT to have in life is not always necessarily what they NEED. Leto saw this and ruled accordingly. That's what I liked about him.
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