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  1. I'd honestly rather receive the copy later, IF I could get an emailed the steam/gog activation code instead. Plus being outside the USA means it's doubling my risk of being charged Duty of Shipping with two parcels. I'd rather just get the gog version and create a hard copy manually (just in case) instead of a split parcel, but that's just me. Oh and I'd rather Obsidian save the extra costs and drop that into the neigh inevitable expansion/sequel/other future project.
  2. Didn't even realise I wasn't meant to get one. If you could add one that'd be nice. Cheers.
  3. I'd like to note that, in my opinion, romances are the least interesting relationship a medium can explore. Media is absolutely coated in relationships based around romantic love and affection. Not that other relationship aren't given attention as well (friendship, family and hatred in particular) but I'm just not interested in another "romance" mini-game.
  4. Were we all supposed to end in "of the Obsidian Order." 'Cause I didn't do that.
  5. It's not related to the Steam version. I have the CD copy and have had this error twice for no obvious reason.
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