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  1. Respecced my lvl 6 Trickster and managed to get 1 - extra - skill...I didn't check if I lost any Watcher skills though
  2. Why do gods have bad memories? But of course, who could forget "Lloth"...
  3. Just get your pet killed and when it revives the debuff should be gone.
  4. I'd suggest playing the game normally rather than reading where everyone is first...
  5. I think what he meant was your post is a rant and in no way helpful to yourself or anyone that may have any issues. If you actually want support, maybe try breaking down what happened and what you were doing when it happened?
  6. Add me to the list with this problem I'm going to go out and let my pet get killed again in the hopes that resets it. Edit: it worked...though my wolf nearly soloed the troll I sent him up against so it took a while
  7. Yup. Loving Wasteland 2 atm. No, I'm not in a hurry for a BB patch but will try it as soon as it drops.
  8. I think this is a case of mountains and molehills. So they're going to balance town encounters as if you'd got all your abilities and resources available? So what. "a heavier emphasis on efficiency and tactical precision" That stands to reason, and does not suggest to me that all fights in towns will be much much harder than anything else. Obviously it's something that needs a balance, and that's something that they'll do on a per-encounter basis like the rest of the game. As to the fact that it's being done because of another game mechanic that's in the game? That's the way it is. Sure they could scrap the rules on resting and healing and getting spells back...or they could just tune a few fights.
  9. I disagree on point 1. More options are always best, and it's the reason why contextual inputs are very often bad, particularly in console-to-PC ports. It's good to have these actions split up. Say for example you know you just want to attack a certain unit, having an 'attack' command means there is no way you can accidentally misclick and move your squishy wizard into harm's way, for example. The keybinds using modifiers don't currently work for Shift/Ctrl/Alt- i.e. you can't set it to 'Shift+' (or 'Shift+None' as it's displayed) though other keys mostly work. No doubt they'll be fixed before release. I'm sure the same goes for extra mouse buttons being bindable too.
  10. Yeah, Ranger's not much fun at the moment. I experienced the same issue with my wolf companion. Moving and relocating it somewhere else in combat would sometimes fix it but not always.
  11. Never mind double-clicking, if I'm selecting a party member I want to use them. Centre the camera with single-click.
  12. Straight from the "How To: Game Basics" link in this section of the Backer Beta forum: "The amount of Camping Supplies you can carry is dependent on the difficulty setting of the game. Higher levels of difficulty will have more restrictions on supplies." Edit: I'd imagine in the full game it'll be introduced early on as well as be in the release manual.
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