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  1. At the higher levels in BG1 Wizards were pretty strong. Mirror image + stoneskin + spam fireball, haste and wands. In BG1 some of the hardest fights I came across I resolved by buffing my wizard to 100% fire resistance, hasting him, and sending him in alone to spam fireball wands at everything. That was awesome.
  2. Basically if you see a secret doors but your characters cant detect it, you can still get a few party members through to the area. All you need to do is click around the other side of the door a lot, and eventually 1 of your guys will jump through. Works on the two secret doors ive tested it on, both in raedrics keep. I tried posting this on reddit but the post got no traction. I figured I should still tell people so I am posting here. Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  3. Well then I guess I will just have to wait for the mods to come. At least it seems like some people agree with me, so hopefully a mod does come. But I guess it will be interesting to try something more new anyways, as ofc this is a new game, not just a reskin of BG.
  4. Will the spells still be complex and diverse at least? The variety was another thing I loved about the games, even if it was unbalanced, it was fun to try new stuff. Also, have the beta testers seen the whole spellbook? Perhaps mags get real firepower later in the game? Idk, quite frankly arcane magic was my favorite thing about the BG series. I really hope this game retains at least some of it.
  5. Damn, kind of a shame imo. I really enjoyed the power of mages, and while I admit it was somewhat excessive sometimes (I remeber many situations where sending in my mage alone did better than the whole party), it really made me feel like I was a powerful party in a world full of people with similar power, and clashing with that was really fun. I also enjoyed the overpowered spells and combos. Trying to find the most insane and broken strategies was also a lot of fun the the BG series. But hey, maybe someone will mod the game to make the spell system equally powerful as it was in BG. It was just so much fun having godlike mages clashing.
  6. Wow I am the one person under 16. I guess considering BG the game is almost older than I am there arent many people my age who have been playing it. I just got most of my games from when my older sister got bored of them, so I am into a lot of older games and series'.
  7. Just found this game, and BG1 is my absolute favorite game of all time, so I am pretty happy right now. But I was wondering, will the spells be as powerful as they were in the BG series? My absolute favorite thing about the bg series was how powerful the spells were, and trying to find the best strategy with those spells. The diversity and power of all the spells gives the game so much combat diversity, there are just so many options. For instance like when you first get fireball in BG1. It just obliterates everything. I was just wondering if this game would have a similar idea, where there are huge arsenals of very powerful spells to choose from to make combat diverse. And of course since your enemies have the exact same aresenal of spells, you have to try to outsmart the enemy as opposed to just brute forcing them. Sorry that this post was kind of just talking about BG, but I have been hoping for years that another game would come along like the series, especially because of the spell system. I think the beta testers have access to the game, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to compare the spell systems or anything. No matter the answer I will almost certainly preorder the game, but a similar spell system would essentially make this my dream game.
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