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  1. They can calculate these things you know. Solar activity goes in phases that have been the same for as long as they have been observed. Y2K was a mistake by computer scientists, this is astronomy. Are you really this daft? This is not to say I believe the damage will be quite as bad as the worst case scenario, but the sun will definitely flare up in 2013.
  2. Modern electronics are much more sophisticated so a lot more vulnerable. Also the thing the experts are most worried about are satellites, plus i think this storm is supposed to be much, much stronger than the one in 1921. I quote: Naturally this is a prediction, but considering how regular space phenomenons are I'd say it's more likely that they're right. Here's some of the things that happened in 1921: Imagine this happening to every electronic device on the planet. Imagine a lightning striking every power line at the same time. On a somewhat unrelated note, I find it amusing how you choose to doubt experts on every field based on nothing but your gut and "common sense". You should join the flat earth society
  3. Those vuvuzela memes are getting closer and closer to racism.
  4. You probably have no idea what you're talking about.
  5. Apparently some of the photos published by Israel have been fake. The metadata on the pictures say at least one was taken in 2006.
  6. Perhaps now that it happened in americans own backyard they will see the sense in more regulations and responsibilities for big companies outside of "make money and nothing else"?
  7. Ironically, I'll be f***ed before I'll bow to such a demand. I understand you live with a dog?
  8. Um, call me anal for getting bogged down in details, but didn't Israel thrash the Arab world last time this happened? I'm pretty sure USA doesn't want to open up another front and things are pretty different from the 60's. Israel might have superior weapons, but their edge isn't as huge as it used to be.
  9. I said it in the last thread and I'll say it again: Israel aggressive foreign policy is not sustainable and will end in an all out war with the Arab world (again). Ending the discrimination against non-Jews and the apartheid against Palestinians is a top priority if they want to last more than a decade.
  10. Comparisons to The Wild Bunch and The Professionals? This game is getting more and more tempting by the day...
  11. so, I guess taking all your clothes and leaving you with a 4"X4" square of wool would be all right to you for public modesty? I guess Dagon gets his income by going through garbage like many are forced to in Gaza since he sees nothing wrong with it.
  12. Right, they have the bare necessities to stay alive. Would that be the right wording? Arguing over semantics won't change the fact that Israel cannot keep this embargo up forever.
  13. There's always two sides to a war. I don't see Israel giving up one bit of what they've won in the war. 200, hell even 100 years ago they could have just butchered and raped the Palestinians into submission. Now such tactics have consequences far worse than what they'd actually win. They've been stealing Palestinian land since the 30s. No one is going to do anything about it now. Actually it looks like people are just starting to do something about it. Israel cannot win the war against Gaza/Hamas. They've gone as far as they can, and are now slowly starving 1.5 million people with that blockade. There are two options: complete annihilation or a truce that Hamas accepts. I don't honestly know which one they want more.
  14. We're coming off a millennia-long cooling period now. It remains to be seen if our CO2 emissions really amount to as much as the worst predictions say, but make no mistake, the earth is definitely warming at a steady pace. So basically what Moose said
  15. I really hope the art style will be like in the concept art. Unlikely, but I'd really love to see a game that looks hand-painted more than "realistic" aka shiny as hell.
  16. Yes, yet that doesn't remove the fact that Israel is committing human rights violations in Gaza. The whole blockade is unlawful, the "war" is basically one-sided and Israel keeps on settling Palestinian land, despite the UN and the US both condemning it. No one is saying Hamas isn't responsible for the situation as well, it's just that there's not much they're doing to keep the war going or can do to end it.
  17. I hear the Ultima remake on the DS2 engine was pretty good, so apparently it was just the game design that was uninspired to say the least. I don't see why this couldn't turn out a fine RPG. The only problem is Obsidians apparent lack of skill in game development. Every game they've made so far has been very flawed.
  18. Given your track record in this thread I'd say your opinions are skewed to say the least. Dismissing a well documented humanitarian disaster with a link to a picture of a table full of apples for example. I don't see any bias against Israel. I see reports of violations of human rights in Israel, same as I've seen reports of Spain, Mexico and multiple other places. It wasn't a table full of apples, it was a whole market full of food. If you can't even understand what you're looking at, read this: Yes and as I explained, there are 1.5 million people in Gazam the vast majority of who can't afford to pay the prices the smugglers and markets are asking for the food. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...ST2010060204691 Yes, that link says that the vast majority of people in Gaza are living in impoverished conditions and can't afford the bare necessities of life. A quote: What was that link exactly meant to prove?
  19. Given your track record in this thread I'd say your opinions are skewed to say the least. Dismissing a well documented humanitarian disaster with a link to a picture of a table full of apples for example. I don't see any bias against Israel. I see reports of violations of human rights in Israel, same as I've seen reports of Spain, Mexico and multiple other places. Wikipedia isn't the most trustworthy of sources, but assuming those numbers are right I'd say that apparently the majority of countries in the UN (who are not all muslim) think Israel is in the wrong here, which I agree with. Why they haven't paid more attention to humanitarian disasters in other places is a good question and they well should. That doesn't mean that they should leave Israel alone to commit war crimes and an unlawful blockade and steal the palestinian land.
  20. The wikipedia link (which in itself is a very biased UN prevention of human rights commission report) does not give any evidence that Israelis broke the truce, in fact it only says the ceasefire was brought to a de-facto end by Israel's use of force on Nov 4, without stating a reason for the use of force. Wait, you actually think that the UN is biased against Israel? Or are they just biased for human rights in general?
  21. It doesn't make Israel any less responsible for the situation. Huh? Havent you read the preceeding pages with links upon links of starving children and nuns? It could even be argued that Egypt is MORE responsible since far more goods can be carried over land then sea. Pardon? Israel has a land connection to Gaza as well. They've actually got 3x more of land border with Gaza than Egypt has.
  22. Maybe to someone who doesn't know much about politics, or doesn't care and is stuck with an us vs. them attitude. The Cold War is over man, get on with the times.
  23. The plot thickens: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jun/0...iran-aid-convoy If this is for real and not just empty threats, unless some slick diplomacy is used and soon this could spiral the middle east into an all out war. The US surely cannot afford another active front, so that would leave Israel alone against Iran, a war that's not as easy as beating a few ragged Hamas fighters into submission. Add Turkey or any Arab nation into the mix and Israels future prospects look pretty dark.
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