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  1. Latest news: Israel has shot four divers on the sea near Gaza. The bodies have gunshot wounds on the head, apparently killed in execution style. Also Israel is refusing to form an international committee to investigate the flotilla incident, despite the fact that foreign civillians were killed and that it happened on international waters. @GreasyDogMeat, claiming Israel is the poor victim is bending the truth past credibility. They continue to make new settlements on Palestinian land, continue to blockade Gaza and discriminate agains all non-Jewish citizens of Israel. They're the top dog, you can't blame the status quo on Hamas since Hamas can't really do anything else except shoot a few rockets into Israel that miss their target 90% of the time. I don't mean that what Hamas is doing or preaching is in any way acceptable, however I do think that the only way to end the war is for Israel to back off.
  2. While the term Semite refers to a language family that includes amongst other, Arabs and Jews, is antisemitism a term for discrimination against Jews. wikipedia:
  3. No idea on the validity of this rumour: http://www.popjolly.com/turkish-naval-wars...aid-mission-608
  4. ^^ They're actually have, or at least had a big and well organized, well relatively at least, grassroots aid to the poor. You could say they bought themselves into power. You have to remember, the people in Gaza don't get any news from the outside world that aren't filtered through propaganda, either Israeli or Hamas. edited for clarity.
  5. The pictures speak for themselves, and it's linked to Palestine Today in case you didn't notice. 1.5 million people, and you've linked us with a table full of apples. You're either trolling or delusional.
  6. Okay, other than the government of Palestine, who would you trust to explain that yes, Virginia, malnutrition does exist at greater-than-normal levels in a country suffering under the Israeli blockade? Oh, I don't know, an objective and independent source instead of the Palestinian propaganda machine? Name an objective source since you obviously don't consider any news sources like the BBC article I linked credible. If right wing websites are all you trust then you need a reality check, bad. That's not much considering there's 1.5 million people living in Gaza. Also for comparison, 1.5 million average americans produce 19 500 000 kilograms of waste per week. (13 kilos per person, hope I counted that right)
  7. You mean contradict your brainwashing. The general conditions for the vast majority of the population of Gaza have been well documented, amongst others the BBC, Amnesty and multiple other credible sources. Linking to some obscure french website that's clearly filled with hate speech isn't contradicting anything since it's not at all credible in the first place. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7280026.stm This was in 2008, the conditions have worsened a lot.
  8. Game is a mess; essentially a glorified choose your own adventure with hamfisted action/stealth gameplay thrown on top. Not to mention all of the crippling bugs and general lack of polish that make it seem like, well, Polish
  9. You're unbelievably gullible and misguided. The text, translated via google: Obviously a biased and hateful website. I see no proof that these pictures were a. taken from Gaza or b. in any way representative of the life of the average citizen of Gaza. I have, however, seen hundreds of pictures showing the inhumane conditions and overall misery, from respectable sources. So, Wrath of Dagon, linking us to extremist websites with dubious claims that contradict almost every other source is pretty useless and lame.
  10. Pilates and Yoga are two very good excrsize systems that are easy on the body. Also swimming is a very good way to get excersize if you're not very fit. The mor eyou weight the easier it is to stay afloat
  11. This is wrong on so many levels I'm not even going to bother.
  12. I don't think anyones claimed they all were peace activists, there were definitely political activists on board as well. I don't see what that has to do with Israel attacking what was definitely a humanitarian aid ship, even if there were extremists on board in the middle of the night and killing everyone who resisted?
  13. I disagree. Drowning isn't a pretty thing. There have been no reports of any killed Israeli soldiers. Maybe because shots were fired. Could be that a resolution without violence was impossible, the soldiers were outnumbered and under aggression. Under that kind of situation even the most trained are bound to respond with violence. Actually boarding the ship under the cover of darkness, via a rope from a chopper is pretty much the epitome of an act of aggression, so it was the soldiers who acted first. So it was the civilians who were under aggression first.
  14. I wouldn't give up if I were you. If you really want to lose weight, and you do since 300 lbs is very unhealthy, you'll be eating like this (e.g. like a normal person) for the rest of your life, broken arm or leg or even both. I've seen how hard it is, my mother has been on and off a diet for nearly 20 years and has gained everything back every time. She's now planning surgery because she doesn't have the self discipline to eat healthy and change the way she thinks about food. I understand it can be hard, in fact very hard, but it's definitely doable. Learn to love healthy foods, learn to cook and learn how to make food taste good without excess fat, salt or sugar. For example asian food is a really good place to start from. I've been vegan for years now, but I used to be just like you. Hamburgers, pizza and chips and soda every day when I was in high school, so I know it's hard but keep at it! Definitely don't give up, you'll feel bad about yourself and will likely gain the weight back.
  15. Back on topic, Israels "the activists attacked us, we were only defending ourselves"-speak is kind of weird. I mean, what was their intention, sending commandos, attacking from a helicopter? The most likely scenario is that they were supposed to take over the ship. They just didn't expect any resistance, or very little of it. Now they're acting all innocent, like they were ambushed or something when they in fact boarded a ship in pitch black. Doesn't sound too convincing to me.
  16. Am I the only one who feels kind of weird, condemning direct action like this yet playing and enjoying Alpha Protocol?
  17. eh? where is they to back down to exactly. the israelis is on a ship at sea. they has been dropped off by helicopter. where is the safety to which they could easily back down to? some o' you folks is being genuine unreasonable. Surrendered. Dropped their weapons. Why not? Kind of a cheap shot, that one about the PS3 Monte. We're all armchair generals / politicians here.
  18. Well, the bodycount has been lowered to 9 (according to Israeli sources). Not as much as 20, but still, definitely a screw up by Israel. They've flat out admitted it. International headlines, both Koreas preparing for warfare, a 12-page thread... No one cares? I think all comparisons to burglaries or maritime law are not really, well, comparable here. Israel well knew what they were doing. There was nothing illegal on board that ship. What they didn't except was to be repelled, and thus probably had no orders given in case of a violent backlash. History has shown that Israeli commandos have a shoot first, ask later-policy and this time it all went to hell. A huge blunder to be sure. Time will tell what the repercussions are. I guess it depends on how much the US values their relationship with Turkey. Actually Gromnir, they could have just backed down. We just don't know enough of the situation to call the killings justified, especially in the light of how everyone knows Mossad works.
  19. And I addressed it on my post. The activists wanted to challenge Israels right to embargo Gaza, not play along with them. It doesn't mean that there'd have to be weapons on board.
  20. Heh, I like how people in this thread (Wrath Of Dagon) are stating these obviously made up conspiracy theories as fact. There was no weapons of mass destruction on board the ship. Here's my educated guess of what happened, based on the facts we know: Israel boarded the flotilla on international waters and either started the fight or at least tried to bully the crew to back down. They wouldn't, a scuffle ensues and then the soldiers open fire. 20 civilians dead, I repeat on international waters so Israel had no "right" to do anything. Then again all rules go out the window once it's matter of national security I guess. Why they wouldn't let Israel to take the goods, inspect them and pass them on? Well that would kind of defeat the point of the convoy now would it? The ships are loaded with aid Israel has banned from Gaza. If they would have let Israel to inspect and pass on the cargo, half or more would not have reached the people in need. The whole point of this is to give humanitarian aid as well as resist Israels apartheid politics. Whether you agree with the activists or not, it doesn't seem likely that there would be some kind of an islamist plot here. Just a bunch of activists testing how far Israel will go to protect their interests, and obviously they're ready to go as far as it takes.
  21. ^ Hamas is not "just" a terrorist organization. That's like saying Israel is a terrorist organization due to their use of terror tactics. You're the one who's blinded by his own bias here, Monte. Or maybe there's a sinister plot here, Henning Mankell is in fact a Hamas leader, sent to infiltrate the swedish literary elite in the 70s. Now he's stolen a nuke and is trying to return to Gaza and set it off, destroying all of Israel and making every palestinian a suicide bomber, thus opening the gates to heaven for them.
  22. Henning Mankell was apparently wounded in the attack.
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