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  1. This would be extremely useful to ward away creatures. Not to mention good decor.
  2. I live by the oak tree and have had multiple wolf spiders somehow magically get through my walls and attack me. I’m lucky that I’m already far in the game and can defend myself and repair my home but to new users, it would be game breakingly annoying to die while you’re meant to be safe. I also had build gates by the oak tree entrances to keep the spiders contained for easy killing/harvesting but they somehow get through those as well now. I also have a bunch of red ants spawn or get through the walls and start getting into my stuff, eating my food. Weevils and aphids also somehow get in and I built a section of my home upon the rocks by the pond, so I didn’t need to build a floor in that building really but there are grubs somehow going through the rock? I can see their trail going across the floor lol
  3. There are already tadpoles and I think frogs would be too large to add. I’m hoping we see more decorations and furniture, new building types and armors with the existing newer bugs, etc I made a sort of museum with the stuff we have now but it’s not much. I’d like to be able to put on black ant armor(the existing one) and a new termite armor to blend in inside their lairs for resource collecting like the red ants have.
  4. Yeah the ice mint, broodmother weapon and morningstar should all be classed under smashing.
  5. It doesn’t make sense that bugs would be smart enough to get annoyed and retaliate but you wouldn’t be able to facilitate a friendship and tame them. Plus, there is no way to AVOID killing them. You can with red ants by equipping the red ant armor, but that doesn’t work with other bugs. So, unless they add in the armors to make those bugs neutral to you(bees are meant to be but they decide to attack me when I’m walking on the picnic table??), then they will always be angry at you when you need to go into their lairs/areas for resources. Or simply to harvest the bugs for resources themselves with no way to appease them afterwards. Is there a cool down?? It’s not a good feature. I also have a million weevils running around outside, which is harmless but looks really strange. I kill all I see and the next day there are just as many.
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