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  1. Indeed. SEGA knows a lot about potential sequels: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/yakuza-5...ounced-in-japan
  2. To hell with open worlds. Long live to BALDUR'S GATE II, Dragon Age, The Witcher !!!!!!!!! Yes, I hate games like Oblivion.
  3. **** yeah! new delay. A new delay and Fallout New Vegas will be released before AP, lol.
  4. Yeah of course, AP is a Dead Rising series spin-off. MUST HAVE.
  5. After the delay, we will have chance to see a collector's or limited edition?
  6. Jason Graves. I don't remember if there are other composers (Alex Brandon???).
  7. Thanks, I don't have preorder but I'm still waiting for the game . I will buy it first day.
  8. It's called Saboteur. Nah, i want the battle of Berlin with choices and consequences (and headslam, of course).
  9. ZOMG!!1 Official SEGA statement concidering AP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI
  10. My doubt is: what happens if i don't press A,B,X or Y ??? there will be a default response ??
  11. Add in more options for Marxist-Leninist, anarchist and other ultra-leftist ideologies. Is Onanism one of these ultra-leftist ideologies ??
  12. mmm... Well, seen from this perspective seems more interesting than schizophrenic Mass Effect options.
  13. I hate the QTEs, I hate Shenmue, Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain... I know AP is not the same, but these dialogue options can be considered QTEs (limited time for response)?? there will be other QTEs in AP, not only with dialogue ?? QTE (Quick Time Event)
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