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  1. I agree. I'll get it (if i'm still alive).
  2. http://www.sega.com/games/?searchPlatform=...=alpha+protocol
  3. WTF!!?? sega changed the date again NOW Action RPG PLAYSTATION
  4. Well, fortunately the next game will be published by Bethesda.
  5. Deus Ex = sunglasses & cyberpunk AP has neither. AP has sunglasses !!
  6. mmmm no... I think that the problem is the boobs size of the chicks in AP. This is the standard for SEGA:
  7. mmm... I wonder if Risen can be a great alternative for October.
  8. Deus Ex 3 will take place in Montreal (and Shangai, Detroit...). I love Russia too.
  9. I wonder if AP will have more countries besides Saudi Arabia, Taiwan (Taipei), Italy (Rome) and Russia (Moscow).
  10. I wonder if the animations of Alpha Protocol will be good, for example like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings :o
  11. Don't you? I can think of three moments of actual C&C in the entire game. Two of which were on the same (penultimate) planet, and the third was the five-minutes-before-the-end "choose your final cutscene" choice. I think that (possibility) there are more than three moments of C&C (Cerberus mission, rachni liberation or not, etc). We can't see all the consecuences until ME2 and ME3.
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