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  1. Matthew, any chance you could get the ear of SEGA Europe and ask them about pre-order deals in the UK? No worries if that isn't possible.
  2. Yeeesssssssss!!!!! Get in there! Hopefully the major UK retailers will offer some pre-order bonuses.
  3. I think there was a bit of irony in that IGN piece. Either that, or the writer is a bit dim.
  4. The game was due out in the spring. It's now due out in the summer. That's a delay in my book.
  5. "rushed development"?? Are they having a laugh? Seriously, these delays are getting really tiresome.
  6. We must be making progress - at least we aren't speculating on the year....
  7. Since when has June been Spring? Besides, who wants to play games when the Wolrd Cup is on? Hopefully it will be out in April/May.
  8. This rumour seems to have slipped under the radar? http://www.411mania.com/games/columns/118639 (in the Quick Hits section)
  9. I understand that SEGA calls the shots, but come on, the delay has been confirmed now, so when can we expect a comment from Obsidian? This is, afterall, their official forum, and the silence these last few weeks has been deafening. - Fed-up of Tunbridge Wells.
  10. An 8-month delay just sounds so arbitrary. Games don't get delayed for 8 months unless there are MAJOR problems, and all the evidence would suggest that AP is nearly finished. It just doesn't add up.
  11. We're speculating on the current state of the game. This is the forum of the games developer. Is it asking too much for some official comment from Obsidian?
  12. It's a preview of games coming out this financial year, and AP is mentioned.
  13. I was a bit more optimistic after reading the tweets yesterday; I thought "signing off on the release" implied a release date was imminent.
  14. If there is even a hint of truth behind the June '10 rumour, that isn't a delay, it's someone saying "we don't have a bl**dy clue when this game is coming out!"
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