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  1. I'll add my experience with this. From the PTS save until the main 0.4-0.4.2 update I haven't encountered this issue. I even played before the 0.4.3 patch and it's all fine. I had internet connection issue so I played offline on the 0.4.2 version and made progress. Since the internet connection issue was resolved, I updated to 0.4.3 just a few minutes ago and that's when I encountered the same save load issue, I doubt it's because the latest progress was done offline before that patch but that might be possible. I've emailed them with my save files, so hopefully there is something they can get
  2. On an empty space/area, rotate the blueprint relative to how skewed the angle is when you place it on the proper place. Say it's like 5-10 degrees off to left than what you want (or how it should snap properly) then on an empty area with the same blueprint rotate it 5-10 degrees to the right to compensate then try to place it to the proper place you intended to, it'll snap but it should adjust now unlike the first time. I had to do this once, and all other blueprint snaps properly thereafter.
  3. I think they're working towards the stable build given that there's a tweet saying the content update will be on the 30th. It's unclear to me on what happens then on this test build but hopefully the crashing is just because this is a test build. I encountered it as well a few days so I switched back to stable build and tried the test build again earlier and encountered the same like you. I decided to switch back to the stable build since the update is coming anyway.
  4. For the torch, walking from land to water didn't cause the fire to be put out until swimming to a deeper part. While holding the torch and jumping from a leaf/grass into deeper water will put it out. While in the deeper waters, unequipping and equipping the torch again will make it work. So no idea of the intended effect/adjustment for the torch this time.
  5. Looks good on my end. Exploded some weevils and no crashing, as well as encountered some ants both soldier and worker and no crashing. Would be cool if there's something in place to periodically check stuck bugs (maybe there is and just have to leave the area for a specified time). Anyhow, thanks for a quick patch to fix the save-crash issue.
  6. Also encountered the crash when I was testing the fix for the infected weevil, I was able to make it work but after hunting some more the game crashes right before the explosion animation, now can't load the save and it just crashes. Sent them an email with my info attached. Hope they can push a quick patch.
  7. Testing 2421 patch for the weevil, I can see the animation of about to explode BUT my game is crashing when it is at that point that I think it explodes. Will test a different save game and see if it still crashes. EDIT: Can confirm it is fixed, the crashing I got no longer happened after I reloaded the save, then quit, then loaded the logout-save. EDIT2: Hunt around for more to test and encountered the crash. Sent an email to support.
  8. Same on my end even on the latest patch (, spent a whole in-game day to hunt them. Both killing them and letting them runaway does the same animation (turns over and goo boils) but unable to interact after to loot them.
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