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  1. I am building a massive base on top of the round fence posts across the pond north side of the map. When I go over to get grass I usually stop by the food respawn by a fallen soda can and my game has been instantly crashing over there lately. Anyone have this same issue?
  2. I kinda took the fun out of the wolf spiders and trapped every single one of them in their own little prisons. Too many farming runs ruined by them and don't need their parts anymore. I've tried tossing meat down to them but they seem to only like corpses.
  3. Mine oddly changes back and forth during gameplay sometimes I mint mallet my friend to the back of the head and sometimes you can swing away without any worries. Gas arrows tend to destroy your teamates every time though.
  4. Most of my bases are built on rocks or cobblestone around the map with one on the research hut by the baseball. Grab some clay and throw some foundations down and you can make them pretty flat just takes a lot of clay.
  5. Try clearing out save files so you only have around 10 or if you need others only keep the important ones. I make sure to go through and clear them up every now and then haven't had any save file issues. I also noticed the bigger the base the more it lags around the base and the longer the load in takes. It's kinda like ark survival if you think about it the larger the base the more the game tries to load in all at once which could cause the crashing.
  6. I just went into the anthill and felt a huge difference in frames after about 30-40 killed.
  7. Having trouble collecting crows feathers? Of the three I've tried to farm with the insect axe none of them are giving any materials. Anyone else having this problem or know a fix? Edit: Found the problem the bags are falling through the map. Kinda wish you could collect it like the berries where it goes into your inventory when you swing.
  8. You can always build walls around the entrances to the wolf spider den as I call it and trap the spiders in there. Make sure you have windowed walls as well so if they attack the wall you can shoot through it. The AI is usually smart enough to run off and try to get around the obstruction so if you seal them all off they have no way of getting out. Hope this helps as I have a base right along the pond by the juice box and frequent that area for acorns.
  9. Anyone tried trapping aphids yet? hopefully get some aphid dew farming going?
  10. I built a staircase all the way up to the birdbath and managed to seal that bottom water portion with floors. Now I can just run up and collect berries whenever I feel like it. Took about 4 hours with all the running up and down with supplies though. You can use pebbles to knock them down or a bow and arrow if you don't care about losing a few. Also if you want to "kick" things out of the water you can swim towards them and swim backwards in a straight line while looking up simultaneously. I've launched things pretty far out of the water.
  11. Were you inside the container or outside? You can only collect some underneath the container there is a way to get inside don't want to spoil and its not a glitch.
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