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  1. Funnily enough, It was the Ant set I placed in there as well, I didnt try another set so idk if just the Ant set that was the issue. I made a new save file (My other save was lost) so if thats true i'll def try it out again, hope it fixes it. Cuz I liked the idea of an armor stand. Cheers mate thanks for the info
  2. They are in the game, but I do not recommend using them CURRENTLY. They will eat your armor and you wont get it back (No im not talking about it being placed inside the Armor stand inventory, it just gets deleted, period)
  3. There is a way to "Dry" food, it last forever this way, but makes you a little thirsty. Other than that, 10/10 post
  4. Thats pretty helpful! Thanks man, some of the other ones were driving me crazy
  5. Its wonky placement to figure out, but you can place them on branches and roots. You gotta look at the notch (Handle?) when it turns blue then its okay to place down Anyways, its kinda pointless to use currently, it only gives you ONE sap in that big bowl, very underwhelming and just a waste of resource. You're better off just grabbing them naturally at this point in time
  6. Only one I figured out by accident is, the full ant set, makes you friendly too warrior ants. Useful for exploring the ant hills without worrying about provoking a fight with an army of ants. Just keep in mind, if you do hit them, they will all aggro to you
  7. 11. When someone joins your multiplayer game, the game gives you 500 raw science for free. And you can exploit this by having a friend log and relog into your world endlessly.
  8. PC Multiplayer Me and my friend, bought the Torch+ upgrade, and left to an ant hill to get another chip that is located there, when we came back the lab doors were closed, with no way of unlocking them We even tried using the machine that blew up the oak tree, it doesnt allow us to use it however.
  9. They are in the game, guessing its just a smaller chance.
  10. If I could choose one thing to fix, this one would be it, I even built stairs very high up, and place them in the middle of that level, and they still hit it. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a base (and logtraps since they dont work as well)
  11. Was thinking the exact thing for the longest, waste of space.
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