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  1. I ended up in Heritage Hill early when reaching Defiance Bay, before Woedica's temple. When meeting Icantha, I had "I'm looking for Icantha" as one of the dialogue options even though I believe I had never heard that name. She replies something like "Oh, and what do you want with her?" and then the conversation just ends. I opened the door and found her "prisoners", but chose not to talk to them because I fully expected some horrible moral dilemma and wanted to know more about the situation before being made to choose. Coming back days later they are still there even though the door remain
  2. Notes in Hadret House (2 places): "The notes are scribbled in a cyrptic shorthand"
  3. I have one of those. When talking with Freyol, in the sanitarium, one of the dialogue choices: "Maybe you'll get there again one day. If not in this life, than in another."
  4. Entering Brackenbury, there are assassins standing around the fountain. If they see me, half of them immediately run right and kill Serel. I can sneak around them and stand between her, but someone usually runs by the party to get to her. Ranged opponents focus her too. They really don't like her! She seems to be the highest priority target for the AI (because no armor and vulnerable?) but when the fight is over and I finally managed to keep her alive, she just repeats her "The nobles really didn't like it when I moved in here" line, so I'm guessing she wasn't the real victim.
  5. When using skills, draw an arrow from caster to target. Like in this image from Dota 2. It can be improved upon from Dota - if cast target is so far away you need to move, make the target cursor or arrow yellow. If moving will provoke a disengagement attack or will move you into engagement range of an enemy when casting, make arrow or cursor red.
  6. I do have sharp canines, but I'm usually not blue unless it's really cold outside. I'm extremely happy with the portrait, especially since everyone else seem to like it as much as I do. Even RPGCodex was nice to me. This is one of the source pictures used. It's a few years old, I have even less hair now so I usually just shave everything off, Heisenberg style. I hope the AI will take into account strategies like denying an enemy Moonwell by casting a Malignant Cloud on top of it. Bonus points if you have different AI profiles, so an aggressive one might ignore the damage taken and
  7. God suggestions: The god of transgressions, exploration, of the spaces between borders. Nomadic people, same-sex couples and all sorts of outsiders are assumed (rightly or wrongly) of worshipping this god of indeterminate gender. Many conservative, tight knit societies loathe this god and call it the Corruption. The general public often conflate it with The Leech (see below), though priests and scholars are generally aware that they are separate entities. Worshippers of this god tend to keep very quiet about it as they are often distrusted, or even actively persecuted. Transgender or other
  8. I love dogs, but it has been done to death lately in RPGs in my opinion - Fallout 3, F:NV, Fable 2, Fable 3, several action RPGs and JRPGs... Dogs were not just included but a bit marketing point. If there is a dog, I want it controlled by telepathic brain worms with a secret agenda.
  9. Some really nice HD concept art suitable as desktop wallpaper. Like Wasteland 2 did.
  10. I think that now that we know Obsidian are using Unity just like Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun, the odds that full modding support will appear as a stretch goal increased significantly. I got a full licence to Unity as part of a compaign they were having. I'm going to do a lot of tutorials this weekend.
  11. I vote strongly NO to this. There are few things that are better at ensuring that your choices in the game and the final climactic battle have no effect on the game world whatsover. See Kingdoms of Amalur for an example. "Congratulations, you beat the big bad and stopped his invasion of our lands, but now all his foot soldiers are driven insane by the defeat, so you will keep meeting the exact same enemies in the same numbers wherever you go. But you are totally the hero of the world now." Endless endgame is appropriate for grind-heavy games like Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft, not for
  12. That would add a lot of burden on Obsidian to create extra content and test. For many quests, they would have to write an "failed due to timeout" result path in addition to all the other result paths. Like the "can't we have both RTwP and fully turn based modes?" I think that would risk falling into the trying to please everybody and ending up pleasing no one trap.
  13. That settles it, If Justin doesn't get to do the soundtrack now, I'm going to get *angry*.
  14. I thought it was pretty impressive. It pulled at my heartstrings at least. The intro had an "epic" feel to it, especially when the logo was revealed, but without being to obviously "triumphant". The quiet section with the vocals and strings after that was really nice, I am already fantasizing about sitting at the character creation screen for hours with this music playing. And the growing sound of the wind+the bells at the end? GREAT atmosphere.
  15. As I mentioned in another thread, in my opinion having your portrait on an minor NPC (antagonist, merchant, mayor, barkeep...) instead of as a selectable player portrait would be an awesome high-tier reward.
  16. This was a popular topic in these forums back when Obsidian asked "If we (theoretically) did a Kickstarter, what would you like to see"? There were some great ideas there, but many of them were prohibitively expensive or impossible to implement. This is just idle speculating for fun, but if possible I would like to see something new - i.e. not MMO/Dragon Age style cooldowns or D&D memorized slots. My own ideal (probably totally over-ambitious) magic system should affect the lore, and exist/be useful outside of combat. Something that bothered me with D&D - if you could manipulate wi
  17. Apart from the aforementioned Planescape:Torment and BG2, I thought NWN2:Mysteries of Westgate had a good city. What little I played of it - I would love to replay it but I've lost the disc (or was it a digital download file?).
  18. At $3000, could you consider having the pledger's portrait on a NPC instead of as a player portrait, as an alternate reward? I would LOVE to be a villain in the game. Also, as someone else suggested - a ring with the ouroboros motif, included at some level for physical rewards above a certain level? Preferably in a material with some weight to it. As for project updates on the Kickstarter.... this may be a bit cynical and manipulative of me, but I think gameplay hints seem to be very controversial subject. If you add concept art, more of the great music, or lore hints, that is somethin
  19. Hi, LONG time fan. This Kickstarter is a dream come true for me. I was wondering if you have any official template to describe quests or levels? I guess you don't want to be distracted by constantly being spammed by amateur "My furst tootorial adventurr" efforts, but if you ever have a competition or something, I would love to give it a shot (or if it is added as an extra reward to high-level pledgers, hint hint). I'm not much of a designer, but I *am* a good programmer and I think I could be a good writer with some practice. Do you have some sort of framework, a script language, a
  20. Yes! Grim Fandango, Planescape, the Final Fantasy series (for all their other flaws, FF games do great music, especially the earlier titles). Not to mention good sound effects in general. Good audio immerses you in the game and makes you think the graphics are better than they are.... Also sound doesn't age as quickly as graphics do. System Shock, Thief, Bioshock, to mention a few standouts. And now that think about it, those games are all Looking Glass/Irrational series. I guess they are to good audio what Black Isle/Obsidian are to good storytelling.
  21. I can't recall seeing anyone making that argument. The reason some (like me) say Planescape is unlikely is that a) The setting is officially deprecated. b) If despite this, Obsidian could somehow get the rights to doing a sequel, this would likely consume a huge chunk of the money raised, leaving very little to making an actual game (something true of all the other established IPs people are requesting sequels to). c) If they DID make a big game and it DID become a huge success, the rights to make more games in the setting and with their characters would have to be negotiated for over and o
  22. Hi, me again... After seeing some very heated arguments pop up on various sites about what a game should be to be a true old-school RPG, I'm convinced that unlike Double Fine have been you should be *very clear* about the scope and goals of the game that is going to be made, so you don't get the sort of long term resentment and grief that Notch gets from some Minecraft "fans". I.e have this on the Kickstarter page: Related to that, with my earlier suggestion that you do like Order of the Stick and add milestone rewards to increase pledges, be careful that you don't alienate early
  23. An Obsidian Kickstarter? Commencing hyperventilation.

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