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  1. Anaïs Catarina Magistrelli Left home to become one of the greatest artists of all time. Sadly, the plebes outside of her hometown were not any more respectful of her obvious talents than the ones in Old Vailia. Forced to find a new community that would understand her art, she began traveling with a caravan for shelter during the journey.
  2. I've been obsessed with Tab lately, so that. Need to get some asparagus to munch on and resist buying candy.
  3. After backing it, I ignored all backer updates. I didn't start paying attention again until the beta and didn't get on the hype train until last week when it was announced that PoE was gold.
  4. I am aware that that a bad game could have been the outcome. I was just outlining what backers got over non-backers since some people were acting like being a non-backer was 100% better than being one since they could pre-load before us. When I backed Obsidian, I expected them to try to make a game without being held down by a publisher. That is what they have done. I did not expect to play the game earlier than non-backers because that is not something they promised.
  5. I was referring to the digital rewards since those are the ones non-backers can opt to get along with the game.
  6. Never did I expect to be so thoroughly entertained before the game came out.
  7. What Backers get: Cheaper game and, if picked a higher tier, access to extras at a cheaper price Exclusive in-game items Being part of the development and having our input taken into consideration Access to the beta Buying the expansion at a cheaper price What Non-Backers get: Ability to pre-load a couple of hours earlier than backers and then unlocking the game at the same time Would it be nice to have the key right now? Yes, but this is just making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  8. Those are just digital extras such as the soundtrack, ringtones, the documentary, etc. Depending on your backer level, you may already be getting those.
  9. Yeah, this will all be forgotten once the keys go up today.
  10. Awesome, now everyone read the manual and stop refreshing so the site won't go down once the keys hit.
  11. But I'm a very important Kickstarter investor who literally saved Obsidian from destruction.
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