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  1. You've got it backwards. It's Pillars 3 in name only. It's being advertised as a first person shooter. Pillars 1 and 2 were isometric "spiritual successors to Baldur's Gate". In my opinion, this is a money grab that is just trying to cash in on the Pillars name.
  2. Sure they can. It's called being able to scroll back to over the shoulder view.
  3. I only play on PC, and if I could get a Mass Effect PoV, I would be happy.
  4. I hope the developers understand that every person "whining about first person perspective" is another sale lost.
  5. It's the world and lore that have captivated me, and I want to experience all that goes on there. Is this not true for the rest of you?
  6. Yeah, it's a huge bummer to me because first person games make me nauseous so I guess I won't get to experience any more stories in Eora.
  7. This would be fine with me, and I hope they do clarify this soon. I very much enjoyed the Mass Effect series, and I can play "over the shoulder" view with no difficulty.
  8. First person only? They're going to lose a lot of loyal fans with this, including me. And for any who question why, it's because playing first person makes me physically ill. I'm currently playing through PoE 2 Deadfire and I'm now considering abandoning, it, because if I can't play the next one, what's the point? This is so upsetting, because I really really love this franchise.
  9. Back on page 18 WesSoto requested portraits made from art of a female moon godlike by dancinfox. Could someone please tackle that? Preferably without the sword showing?
  10. LOL cry more and continue with the personal attacks, please I'm only playing PoE1 so that I have a game to import with the most flags for consequences.
  11. I'm new here, just because I've been avoiding Obsidian games because they didn't have romances. I recently discovered that PoE2 had them, so I've been playing through both PoE and PoE2 and enjoying them very much. Romances are very much a part of a great RPG. Note to Obsidian: There's no way Outer Worlds will be as successful as the Mass Effect games unless you put in romances. Sorry about your luck. Note to people demanding no romances: Flame away, you're in the minority. Keep crying like babies about something you have the power to avoid when you play.
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