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Introducing: Deadfire Character Creator

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 About 10 days ago I started this project simply because I wanted to do a modded POTD run and I wanted to properly plan for it. But instead of looking for a pen and paper I started looking for a spreadsheet and when I couldn't exactly find what I was looking for, I decided to make one instead. It was fun having a small project like this and I'm glad how it turned out to be.

 What it does: Allows you to make a character at any level of your choice. You can choose active and passive abilities based on class restrictions and it also gives you a summary of your character without any buffs. Tab 1 is strictly for player character only therefore it will not feature companion only subraces, cultures, backgrounds and so on. Tabs will automatically rename to their corresponding character's name, so in a sense it gives you a pseudo party view once you're done with all of them. I also tried to guide the user as much as I could, for example, you will not be able to put more skill points than you should have or you can't put more than 18 or less than 3 points into a single attributes, but obviously your total attributes can exceed those numbers. Most cells are auto-populated so it actually requires very little input from the user.

 What it doesn't do: At the moment it can't differentiate between an adventurer and a companion. So the user is expected to know that stuff like Watershaper or Principi sen Patrena shouldn't be selected for non companion party members. It also can't give you a description of selected passive or active abilities, so the user is expected to know what they actually do beforehand, currently I have no idea how I can overcome this.

 What it might do in the future: Ideally in the future I'd like to add weapon proficiencies and their modals as well as a list of all unique items. And maybe eventually turn it into a full on equipment manager which would be very nice because then you would be able to see your buffed stats.

 Go to File > Make a Copy

 Unfortunately at the moment I have no plans of making one (converting this one) for the first game.

 Leave a message here or just DM me if you think something is not working the way it should or if you have an idea. It has very few scripts and after the initial load it should be quite fast to use.

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On 6/4/2021 at 2:52 AM, GinaC said:

For whatever reason, the drop down boxes for the column with Subrace, etc, are blank for me.  I downloaded a copy as an Excel file.

Excel and Google Sheets are not the same thing, some things that work in Excel will work in Google Sheets as well but they will require different implementation, different formulation. This is true both ways so not much I can do about it if you intend to use it as an Excel.

It started as an Excel file but in the end I specifically chose Google Sheets over Excel because it would be much easier to distribute and release updates in the future, it doesn't require anyone to download anything which some might be skeptical or they simply can't download it even if they wanted it because they are at work or whatever.

Also, I'm currently working on expanding the ability tree(6 cells instead of 4). As well as working on a better summary with a very simple initial version of equipment manager(weapons and chest armor only).


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