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  1. "make" does seem to imply she made the Exile feel the Force again, though maybe it just means she just "helped" the Exile feel it again, guided her when the Exile could feel the Force by herself again. It does seem strange, since Kreia didn't know how and why the Exile was cut off from the Force, but she knows how to bring it back. In any way, I thought the Exile fed on life (using the bond she created with her companions, and drawing on the strength of thsoe around her), not on death.


    I'm not sure Kreia didn't know... she just didn't know what the Exile's motivations were for cutting herself off from the force. Kreia says she doesn't know a lot of things and she implies that the council did it to the Exile, but because of her knowledge of Nihlus I think she knows exactly where it comes from. I think she's just trying to help the Exile figure out the "why", and therefore she lies and manipulates to make the Exile question it herself.

  2. Well, they're opposites in a way, but since the Exile is supposed to be a cypher, her strength would depend on what's around her, as you said... if there was NOTHING around her, she'd be pretty evenly matched against Revan, right? If there as something else to draw from, she'd be stronger...


    Of course, being stronger in the Force doesn't necessarily equate to being a better fighter / strategist / Jedi... so... there's still some room for debate, I guess...

  3. Ok... pointless story time... feel free to ignore...


    <pointless story>


    So, my son has a Star Wars sticker book that is taken from the movies. My daughter was across the room looking at it and she says, "Mom, Goto's in here!"


    Without even thinking about it I replied, "No, that has to be the interrogation droid from A New Hope."


    My sister, a reasonable SW movie fan, but not into games at all, then looks at me like I am completely insane...


    My daughter flips to the page where you stick the sticker in and says, "Oh, yeah, it does say Interrogation Droid."


    To which my sister then begins to rant about what a complete geek I am that I


    1. know what an interrogation droid is

    2. knew immediately from "Goto" which droid it must be.


    I tried to explain why it was completely obvious but she insisted that I was, in fact, a SW geek. Not that any of us were surprised by this fact.. but yeah...


    </end pointless story>


    Ok, you can get back to your regularly scheduled thread now... :D

  4. Some of the worst writing, I think you mean... I don't think anyone could make those lines sound good, honestly...

    Maybe, but you never know. :lol:


    Even if it hadn't been cut, though, it'd only be one possible ending and not the canon one.


    I really get irritated when people try to suggest that it's part of the real ending of the game...


    Oh, I know. It would all depend on the out come of Atton's fight with Sion. If he lost then you'd get the death scene, if he won then you'd get the "Where are we going?" dialog after Kreia kicked the bucket. And that's only if you had higher influence with him over Mical. If you had higher influence with Mical you would have gotten the Atton killing Di scene, IIRC. -_-


    I'm pretty sure Atton only killed Di if you were darkside... If you're lightside, I wouldn't think it'd matter much what your influence was with Di... as long as you hadn't completely ignored Atton he'd love you anyway!

  5. only for female exile, and still it really still isn't a good ending for the game, and i don't think it resolves anything atton confess his love, then dies, isn't traya still alive at this point?


    Resolution for Atton's plot line is what I meant, like how Visas meditates in her chamber on the Ravagar and puts to rest the past, or Handmaidens confrontation of her sisters.


    Honestly, I'm glad Atton's death was cut in a way, because that is some of the worst acting I have ever heard. :rolleyes:


    Some of the worst writing, I think you mean... I don't think anyone could make those lines sound good, honestly...


    Even if it hadn't been cut, though, it'd only be one possible ending and not the canon one.


    I really get irritated when people try to suggest that it's part of the real ending of the game...

  6. Nation Treasure 2: Book of Secrets


    Eh, it was alright I suppose. I like the series and Nick Cage in lead but this time it all just seemed a little over the top. His ability to enter some of the most secure rooms in the world with little more then a wink and a nod was starting to aggravate me a bit.




    Hey, its Nick Cage. Who would say "No, you can't enter here" to Nick Cage?


    Apparently a lot of people in hair salons are...


    But not the people who give out fake teeth! :D

  7. I hate Citadel Station. I love the Telos surface though... but not the research base part...


    I think what I dislike most is being trapped inside, actually. I didn't like Taris either.


    I do like Nar Shaddaa, though... but maybe that's just because I'm not stuck there... I know I can leave if I want to.


    As always, I *adore* Dxun. Mostly for the thunderstorms though. :D

  8. I saw Raiders in the theatre when I was 7 and watched it so many times on VHS we wore out our tape.


    I saw ToD in the theatre when I was 10 and was grossly disappointed. Looking back on it now, it's probably not bad, but it didn't have any of the stuff that made Raiders so great. No one respected it at all.


    I saw Last Crusade in the theatre, opening night, in 1988 (yes, I was 14) and it was and is far and away my favorite. It was then that I realized that what I liked so much about Indy (as TrueNeutral said) was that he was always having to scramble, never really having any success and yet still managing to "win" in the long run...


    To say that the Last Crusade wasn't well received at the time is just WRONG. Everyone loved it, especially compared to the crapfest that ToD was considered to be. Maybe some didn't appreciate it's lightness in comparison with Raiders, but the vast majority of people loved it anyway.

  9. Well, I *meant* to go see Indy this weekend... but I didn't make it. I will say that my favorite Indy movie is the Last Crusade. Something about the on screen chemistry between the entire troupe is just fantastic.


    Anyhow, what I did see this weekend was Speed Racer at the IMAX. I'd seen it once and couldn't pass up the chance to see the IMAX version. I have to say, I liked it even better the 2nd time. I was hyper all day, looking for my jump-jack button on drive home and I'm still humming the theme song 3 days later....



  10. Isn't Master Vash Lorna Vash?


    My guess is that it depends on your culture. As vast as the SW universe is, there are tons of cultures to take into account. Some would feel more comfortable going by their first some last, even though those names may or may not be their familial names.


    I wouldn't worry about it too much... even here on earth naming traditions are highly varied.

  11. I can't deny that those are funny, but with the whole black screen/grunt thing, probably a bit over the top. And the creepyness comes in with all the pasting together of the VOs. >_< If a romance had actually managed to make it into the game with Atton, I'd hope it wouldn't have been like that - just him and my Exile using each other. Thanks for sharing, though. :ermm:


    Ok, you're right about that... definitely over the top, but in an amusing way!


    And no, Atton's isn't a realistic romance at all... just hysterically funny.

  12. Did you notice the way Bao-Dur's "this arm of mine isn't just for show" line was put into a completely screwed up and disturbing context?


    I didn't find it disturbing at all... rather just amusing.


    And yes, Bao-Dur may not be romancable in the game, but he is a *great* romantic interest. I've read quite a few really fantastic fics that pair him up (and written one). And really, he is the most sane male on the ship... you've got to give him that.

  13. Actually, it was creating the .tga files before and after the enablescreenshots variable was changed. It was also allowing me to just do a simple print screen and paste into a word document for the first 10 or so shots I took. After that it started giving me the black boxes instead.


    It's still not letting me do a print screen and paste, so my guess is it won't work on the movies either... but that's ok, it's not as important now that I can get the other ones.

  14. According to this poll http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=49615 most of us prefer to play female exile... :lol:


    And yes, you lose the whole Atris / Handmaiden thing, but honestly, I didn't find that compelling at all. I didn't like the Handmaiden or Atris... bleh. Visas is bland as can be and Mira turns you down flat.


    I think if you're a guardian the dialogue between Kavar and the Exile is *very* interesting and has a lot of implications if you're female... at least I'm assuming that it's being a guardian that triggers it, since I didn't get it my last playthrough... which surprised me. And while Sion's love was minor, it has fascinating implications...

    The two main bosses were only defeated because of their love for her? Love that was mostly precipitated by her ability to form force bonds and draw people to herself? How incredibly powerful are you if you have managed to form a force bond with a badass like Sion in a matter of 2 minor interactions?



    Anyhow... spoilers...


    Kreia does wind up leaving your party at the end... but you play through most of the end game with a set party. On the Ravager you have to take Mandalore and Visas and on Malachor you're by yourself. I think, though, that TSLRP will make it so you can take party members with you onto Malachor... I think.


    Kreia won't go with you on Korriban and Atton won't go with you on your first visit to Onderon/Dxun. I think that's all the party limitations though.

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