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  1. I'm completely stuck at Nar Shaddaa. I did all the things I needed to do to annoy the exchange, watched all the cutscenes...yet now I've left the Ebon Hawk and cannot re-enter, yet I CAN switch party members...I've already read a FAQ about this particular section and I know I'm supposed to get a message from Atton...but nothing's happening, broken game situation...


    Anyone familiar with this bug? or is it something that I have missed? I also took the mission from the Hutt dude but I don't know where to find the Goto fellow...I assume I should "run into him?"


    Any help would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


    Swxpert is the closest... the only thing to do is just to try to trigger the cut scene and that only happens when you enter the main area with the Hawk. Or if you can, go back to a previous save.


    Unfortunately, I wound up with this bug on my first play through and never did get it resolved. Thinking that I'd just missed something, I went on to the other planets and completed all of them then went back to Nar Shaddaa. After 30+ hours of gameplay and countless entries & exits to the refugee sector, I gave up and started the whole game over.


    Hopefully you have some recent saved games and better luck than me... :sorcerer:

  2. Joe & Eddie - What's that I Hear?


    It should be noted that I adore Joe & Eddie, but I'm probably one of the few under 50's who've ever heard of them...


    See, now that's what I call torture!


    It's like a made to measure fething mobile-phone ad soundtrack. I can just see some whimsically bleach-lit montage of a man kicking a penguin down the steps of the Vatican.


    Wow... I never thought of it that way... it's an African American folk song about escape from slavery.... but mobile phones work too, I guess... ;)

  3. Joe & Eddie - What's that I Hear?


    It should be noted that I adore Joe & Eddie, but I'm probably one of the few under 50's who've ever heard of them...

  4. I finally saw Indy 4 this weekend... and I'll agree with someone else who said it plays like fan fiction - very satisfying with all it's tie ins and wrap ups, but somehow lacking the umph a Hollywood script should have.


    I did enjoy it, though.

  5. Rosbjerg - Very well put!


    I especially agree with you on the part of looking deeper into the Force and the Star Wars mythos. Whatever the storyline is, I *will* be disappointed if K3 lacks the depth of TSL, which is the main reason I do NOT want Bioware to do it.


    I started playing Mass Effect last week and while it's pretty, yes, it's just a re-hashing of KOTOR all over again... Not that it'll keep me from finishing it, of course... :)

  6. 69% Chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse, but I could only take on 14 five year olds..... hrrmmmm...


    If the 5 yr olds had been zombies and they'd let me use my gun, I'd have had a lot higher score on that one!


    *pumps her shotgun and aims it toward the door*

  7. I'm not sure why we're arguing about canon or not... quite honestly, neither should effect the story line much. I think Obsidian purposefully made the game end in a place that was exactly the same regardless of alignment and sex. You're going off alone to find and help Revan who is fighting the True Sith.


    Sure, you can tell it LFRevan & LFExile but all that's going to do is perhaps change which characters show up in a few cut scenes.


    Personally I'd like a little more specific wrap ups to Revan's & the Exile's stories, but it's just not going to happen.

  8. Yes, but the excuse I've heard for them continually denying it is that Sony still has their exclusive contract for a SW MMO and they won't say anything about it until that contract is up... which should be fairly soon, right?


    Anyhow, that doesn't mean I believe it... but the same rumors have been circulating for a while... it wouldn't surprise me either way...


    As a WoW player who knows nothing about Warcraft lore in general, I can't help but think that an MMO would not do justice to the story. But, I suppose it's possible they could somehow incorporate one for those of us who want it...


    But if Bioware is working on it, I don't think it would be satisfying at all... Because it'll never be the ending that was intended.

  9. Oh! I had that problem too, with losing my saved games... You have to run the game as an administrator. Right click on the short cut and set it up to run that way. Then it should be able to save games, as long as you allow it to run as an administrator every time it asks you to.

  10. Well, it's not a movie... but since there's no, "Musicals you have seen lately" thread, I'll stick it here.


    I went to see Spamalot this weekend. It was absolutely fantastic! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and there is something absolutely delightful about a theatre full of people laughing hysterically at the silly antics on stage.


    I also saw Speed Racer for the 4th time... it's still just as enthralling... I think I need help!

  11. Revan was at Malachor V on the surface. He defeated Mandalore there.


    No one knew just how devastating the MSG would be, if anyone would have it would have been Bao-Dur, but he didn't.


    Yes, Revan let the Exile be the scapegoat, and I can't imagine that their reunion would be all fluffy bunnies & hugs, but he had fallen to the darkside and as lightsiders they should believe in the power of redeption.

  12. Yes, it suggests that in the future you'll meet Revan, but none of those other visions ended with a battle in the real events, so why should the encounter with Revan?


    As far as Revan not wanting anyone there with them... well... it's quite a few years later... it might be time for someone to go find him and help him. Or not... :teehee:

  13. Yes, having it run on just one core is supposed to help K2, I think.


    I also have a 8x series nvidia card on my laptop and it seems to be finicky about resolutions as well... I was trying to get mass effect to run last night and it would crash until I fixed the resolution in the settings... though no idea if that's your problem here...


    You might also try to find older drivers... I hear K2 doesn't like the newest ones... :)

  14. it would be interesting if that was true about Hk-50, force wound and deaths of personal that cause the Exile to feel the force again.



    it is possible, kriea, the council, everyone is either ambigous or dosn't really have a clue as to why the exile regains control over the force



    like all normal wounds, they will heal on their own if given time. Maybe that the Exile's force wound due to the fact s/he hasn't used the force and letting the force wound heal itself like a normal wound. then going around force senstive and normal people stir it up again.


    But didn't Kavar say that she felt exactly the same to him as she did when she left?


    Not that anything anyone says in this game can be taken at face value... lies and deception abound! Man, I love this game... :D

  15. Considering that IRL I'm engaged to a 28 year old, nah, that's not it... I just don't think it works very well with the timelines... Yes, young men join wars all the time at the age of 16... but from all the research I've done, it would appear that he'd been in the war pretty much from the beginning... that'd be 14... ok, still possible, *IF* his homeworld was one of the ones being attacked... but still, sith assassin at 19? ummm... ok... Of course, I guess that would help explain his bizarre thought processes...


    1. I hate the jedi - they didn't show up to help us!

    2. I love Revan! He helped us defeat the Mandalorians and following him was the right thing to do!

    3. All those Jedi at Malachor V, the ones that followed Revan (my hero!) and showed up to help us? They deserved to die!

    4. At least the Sith are honest... All Jedi lie!

    5. Jedi & Sith are all the same!

    6. Then the girl showed up and showed me the force - and I didn't want to be a Sith so I ran away!


    Ok... you're right... he could have been 19 when he was recruited to be an elite assassin... why not... :o


    Ok, I know that 29 - 32 is quoted from a developer's document, but how in the world could he really be 29? He was fighting in the Mandalorian wars before the Jedi joined. That's at least 13 years before the game starts (probably more like 15). Did he really start fighting the Mandalorians at age 16 and become a top Sith assassin at age 19? Ok... I guess it's possible... but damn, that makes some highly interesting speculation for a backstory...




    I guess 32 is a bit more realistic... but I always assumed he was older than that, too.

  17. So am I the only person who *never* touched the forms button?

    I feel bad for you... Did you play on easy mode? Anyways.. I dont think Palpatines style should be use just because of its over agression. If that style happens to be used.. then your asking for its light counterpart... Yoda. The second prestige classes were pretty awesome but they didnt add a signifigant avantage. And Juyo is one of the most effective forms of fighting, just because it hits twice for ataru's once.


    lol, the hardest part of the game is that damned battle on the surface of telos and that's only because of the AI of the party members constantly running off and getting into new groups of enemies... I don't remember having many forms to choose from there...


    After that, the whole game is a cakewalk... though I've never messed with the difficulty settings... so maybe I was playing on easy mode the whole time... which is fine with me.

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