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  1. i loaded the autosave right when your shuttle crashes on the plateau and you fight the assassin droids but i still cant figure out how to leave telos, i talked to atris (jedi) and the "last" handmaien and **** but kreia still wont talk to me, do i have to do something else here or talk to someone else or something?


    I think I remember hearing that surrendering your weapons right away will sometimes trigger a bug like this.


    Try loading the save game just before you enter the academy and choosing a different option in that first conversation.

  2. I grew up around guns. I own a 12 gauge pump action shot gun, but shot quite a few others in my life.


    I think one of my favorite guns for playing around is a .22 / 410 over / under. It's a really fun little gun.

  3. I've always thought that if you were going out to fight the "true sith" the difficulty scale would be so much more difficult that you could effectively reset Revan or the Exile's level to 1 and let the player choose five or six powers that were "high level" in K2 but have them learn even stronger powers as they level.


    Sure, the Exile is god-like by the end of K2, but that's only against regular folk... against the true sith she would just be a level one nobody again.

  4. The galaxy's fate would rest in the hands of conventional means. No planet-destroying monsters like Nihilus for anyone to worry about. Technology would be the name of the game, thus the Republic may flourish for an eternity with a galaxy full of happy citizens.



    Oh, yeah, 'cause without the Force and dependent on technology, we're the happiest galaxy out there! :shifty:

  5. lol, I was rather amused by your reply since whenever we talk about 200 years being a long time you European types roll your eyes...


    What's the saying...


    This world will be a much more peaceful place when American's realize that fifty years is NOT a long time and Europeans realize that 50 miles isn't very far.

  6. The second amendment wasn't put into place so that we can defend ourselves from our fellow citizens. It was put into place to protect us from our government. The right to bear arms is a measure set to deter a militaristic takeover of the nation.

    motive for having the weapons is immaterial. if you are prevented from carrying a gun, it's a bit difficult to do either. besides, i quite believe that the framers came from a time when it was often necessary to defend oneself from other citizens (as well as other predators) and the thought of this was on their minds when the 2nd was written.






    I guess my problem with all of it is that I don't really like that the arguments in favor or against have begun to revolve around home defense. With all of the carrying on that people have done about the Patriot Act and how GWB is stripping us of our freedoms, etc., I guess I'm just surprised that more people don't seem to "get" the notion that our constitution / bill of rights was set up because of a mistrust of government and that the second amendment is the assurance that we have the right to stand up to whatever government comes into power.


    That doesn't mean you won't get mowed down if you decide to fight the government and everyone else thinks you're crazy (i.e. Waco / Ruby Ridge). You will.


    All that being said, coming from the viewpoint that the second amendment protects us from our government... I really don't like the idea of registries. Once the goverment knows where the guns are... it's just a very short step to sending out the troops to collect them.

  7. Hrmmm....


    As the granddaughter of a card carrying member of the NRA and a believer in the 2nd amendment I have a little bit of a problem with this...


    The second amendment wasn't put into place so that we can defend ourselves from our fellow citizens. It was put into place to protect us from our government. The right to bear arms is a measure set to deter a militaristic takeover of the nation.

  8. Handmaiden is tricky because if you get too much influence with Visas too fast, it'll piss her off and she won't talk to you anymore... but, if you don't, you should be able to talk to Kreia about her mother and then go back to her after the third Echani training and convert her.


    Atton isn't usually too bad, you just need to make sure your influence is high enough and go for a walk on Nar Shaddaa to talk to the Twi'lek.


    Bao-Dur is actually the easiest in my opinion. He doesn't have a trigger. You just have to get enough influence with him and talk to him. He's easy to get influence with too, as a light sider.

  9. I actually lose weight when I eat a lot of McDonalds... of course, that's usually because I start going there when my stomach is messed up and the only thing that sounds palatable is their little hamburgers & small fries. When I'm in that mode, I usually can't even finish what I buy and end up throwing away part of it.


    I do adore their breakfast burritos, though... and their fries... especially a little overcooked (extra crunchy) with salt/pepper & hot mustard sauce... yum!

  10. Waaay above 25, 98 to be exact, I just can't win a game without cheats.




    Perhaps what he meant is "I can't finish watching a movie that requires human involvement without cheats."


    And, just to clarify, while I am using cheats on my current play through on the PC, I've finished about 4 (and started several more) games on the xbox... and I only started duping/overpowering lightsabers on my third playthrough!



  11. I think the thing that makes me think that she is Kae is when Kavar says that he can only think of one time when they stripped the Force from someone. Apparently that one time was Arren Kae, and yet Kreia says specifically that they stripped the Force from her.


    Or something like that...

  12. My guess is that it's a combination of a lot of the negro spirituals sung during and after slavery. It's definitely got some of the lyrics from Rain Rain Rain, but they're definitely singing O Lord, Lord, Lord... Soo.... yeah, improved... sorta...

  13. More torture from me and the folk/country/bluegrass realm!


    Nickel Creek - The Lighthouse's Tale



    I actually love this song... but then, we're all aware that I have bizarre tastes in music. :thumbsup:

  14. Um, you do know that moon rises do not necessarily coincide with sunsets, don't you? ;)

    They do when the moon is full. (Exception: polar latitudes)


    Well now, don't I feel silly...



  15. Its called a Harvest Moon. Basically the moonlight is skirting low in the atmosphere, discoloring it and distorting the image due to the refraction of the light.

    Yeah, that's probably true. If my time zone calculation is correct, his post was up around 9PM local time. Since the full moon rises at sunset and sets at dawn, and sunset is pretty late at Wals' latitude at this time of year, the moon was probably pretty low on the horizon, shining through the somewhat-less-than-pristine British skies. (I initially assumed that Wals' statement that he was "up late working" meant he was up significantly later, which would put the moon pretty high in the sky.)



    Still, it's a fun excuse to quote prophecies of doom.


    Um, you do know that moon rises do not necessarily coincide with sunsets, don't you? :shifty:

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