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  1. i peed on an electric fence once (cattle fence). i was close enough that i got a sting, but not much. been so long i can't even remember the details.


    One of my mother's favorite sayings about people learning from their own mistakes rather than from the mistakes of others is "Some people just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."


    Apparently you're one of those people! :lol:

  2. How old is this statement from Obsidian? Maybe they are titles that have been announced meanwhile. Though I am quite skeptical, I try to keep alive my hope...


    Some speculation in the thread I linked suggested that the interview was from Feb or March, but! this is another quote from that thread.


    "officially unannounced" and "RPGs"


    ...oh yes, not Alien, nor Alpha... it will be great! [and I won't say more than what I did before] :wacko:


    EDIT: and an expansion wouldn't be something so "great" to begin with, there isn't talk about any expansions there...


    Let's just say I'm hopeful... even if I shouldn't be... :skull:

  3. Today I bought two champagne glasses for $130. Each. That's $260 for two champagne glasses.



    At least notice the silk embedding and the golden rings on the feet of the glasses before you start mocking me.


    No desire to mock, but a great curiosity as to *why* you would purchase such things... there has to be a reason, right?

  4. It's especially interesting considering this post http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=50011


    James: What games are you currently working on?


    Chris: I was Creative Lead Designer on our Aliens role-playing game, then transitioned off to be a Lead Designer on two titles we have in development - both unannounced at this time, but stay tuned. :) It's going to be a good year for RPGs.


    Though, I really hate to get my hopes up, I can't help but be giddy with the possibilities.

  5. Generally, I think they're a curse. But before the last few years comic book / superhero movies were generally pretty bad too. But now they're starting to get those right. Is it wrong to hope that *somehow* they will start making decent game movies?

  6. I'm sitting huddled in the corner of the room staring at the open door. I stagger to my feet, kick off my broken high heels and try to refasten my torn clothing as I stumble out the door, hoping to get help.


    In my drunken haze I run into the street into the path of an oncoming car.

  7. Im intrugued by your post, are you mad that canon says he is a man? :shrugz:


    And I would love to learn more about Revan and Exile in terms of childhood and stuff like that.


    Nope, not at all. I'll be the first to admit that the whole K1 story works a lot better with Revan as a guy.... even if I never could stand Bastila (blech). Perhaps I'm being too harsh, really. I liked the first game enough that I immediately went out and bought the second. It's just that in the three years since I first played K1, it's story is... *yawn* but the K2 story still keeps me interested. Why? Probably a lot of it has to do with K2's cliffhanger ending, all the unfinished subplots and the incredible depth that Kreia added to the nature of the force.


    It would be great to learn more about Revan & the Exile's past... sort of... You just have to remember that these are Player Characters. Their past is what YOU as a player want them to be. In my stories, I have two completely different Exiles with different pasts and different motivations as well as two completely different Revans. That's what is so great about an RPG, the characters can be whatever you want them to be and that adds a much greater depth to the story in general.


    If LucasArts ever decides to canonize more of the K1 & K2 stories, I'll probably be the first in line to buy it, play it or read it, but until then, I'll keep reading the stories that the players have come up with. It's fascinating to see how a fairly talented writer can take a story you thought you knew and twist it and bring the characters to life.


    I hope that whatever K3 winds up being, they don't completely throw out the PC aspects of Revan and the Exile. I really like the idea of playing a level or two as them to "set" their background and think that would be a great way to include them in the story, but leave them in the players hands.

  8. Is this the wrong place to mention that I really can't stand Revan?


    Ok... maybe that's not right... I liked Revan when I played through the first time... Maybe I just can't stand Revan fanboys.


    Revan is an interesting enough character, but nothing compared to the Exile... Actually though, until K2 came along and gave Revan the "he was always working for the good of the galaxy" part of his motivations, Revan was flat out boring.



  9. I love where this is going...as long as the eagle lands from the setting of the sun if you catch my meaning. Girls like that kind of thing.


    I have no idea what this means... but I imagine that's probably a good thing...

  10. Sure you're not having the grass problem? This is why I love Xbox. NO GLITCHES!! :)


    Riiiiight... I sure didn't get stuck on Nar Shaddaa on my xbox after 30+ hours of gameplay...

    And I've never *ever* had my xbox crash because it got upset with me for something...

    And I just adore how slow the load screens are...



  11. Fritzl, an electrical engineer and businessman, faces charges of incest, abduction and imprisonment and could serve 15 years in jail if convicted.


    15 years???? He kept a woman and her children in a cellar for 24 years and he gets 15, ****-ing years???


    How is that justice?

  12. I thought it would be more of a Ravager(iirc, the KotOR 1 ship) deal, where it's just based on the big bad guy technology and not an actual presence.


    Leviathan was the KotOR1 ship, Ravager was the KotOR 2 ship...


    As far as ME goes, while I didn't suspect that Sovereign was anything other than a ship, when it was revealed it was just another piece of information, not a twist or a surprise... at least to me.

  13. Inventory systems need an overhaul and a rethink.

    you guys saw this article, right?


    i think it's on the money: on the one hand, being able to carry unlimited amounts of loot is silly. on the other, it's kinda dumb to make carrying your gear such a major part of gameplay.


    as the article points out, most story-driven CRPGs approach it more sensibly, by having weight limits tied to character strength. but it still comes across as kinda arbitrary sometimes, e.g. you get DEX penalties for wearing a certain kind of armour, but no penalties for hauling fifty scrolls, fifty scrolls, two staffs, two swords, three shields and twenty library books into combat...


    But obviously you wouldn't carry all that into combat, you'd have your bag(s) off you and on the ground in a heartbeat if any fighting broke out.

  14. I'm suddenly a little nervous, because I shipped Mass Effect to Australia for a friend... I don't know if it was banned, but it wasn't available there yet...


    ruh roh...


    What are you talking about, ME came out here at the same time as everywhere else in the world.


    Hell if I know.


    When Amazon was taking pre-orders for the PC, they weren't shipping to Australia according to the friend, so I bought two copies and sent one to her when it finally came in. I just took her word for it that she couldn't get it there. *shrug*

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