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  1. Lol yea less humor.And this time we need to start taling on the subject
  2. Wait last time ive checked didnt Jill have Black hair

  3. Yea thats one thing that comes with this stuff humor
  4. Yea Revan is like God theirs so much u ca talk bout
  5. Heyllooo Pic one and post wat u picked down here
  6. Lol dude that was n awesome dream wish it was mine Last Dream i had involved me throwing ketchup down stairs ok well ehre it goes This was my dream I was on Aim and got a random im that says "Throw ketchup and etc. down the stairs" i say " Ok?" And i walk out my door and theres a draw with guess wat ketchup and etc. I start throwing it down and a Zombie yells at me saying " Dtop throwing ketchup down the stairs ur not filling it" I say "No i want more ketchup" and the zombie walks over to the stairs i ran and locked 2 doors and idk why but i throw something at the closet and a man comes flying out of it he grabs me nd unlocks 1 o the doors and theirs a ladder there n at the bottum u can see the zombie it says " nooo i wont eat him" "well only if hes sulfer" And he throws me down the Ladder and i get aten and at the end it shows the man and the zombie playing chess and talking.
  7. it doesnt just Target has a no return polosy after u open i think its stupid how r u supposed to know if a game works without opening it
  8. Yea they r scare the **** out of me

  9. Lol wish i could draw 2 my Gf and a few of my friends can draw real good anime
  10. No its my first time in the temple i was n idiot n wanted to solo korriban and never master healed before i went n
  11. Think Any 1 can draw my Starwars Character? Heres the Profile Names: Darth Sarr,Chek'tiade Birth Planet:Champala Languages:Chagrian,Common,Sith Age:Unknown Gender:Male Species:Chagrian Haircolor:None Eyecolor:Orange Skin color: Dark red with Black sith tats Blade style:Duelbladed Blade color:Orange His Tats Are like the ones on Darth Wyyrlok 3 http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Wyyrlok_%28III%29 Post it here or send it to Bhawk3456@aol.com
  12. To the the True sith is a Sith great in Both fields of Force and Melee battle
  13. Ok i got n there i died at the first challange because i had low health from the out side of it
  14. yea.the Jedi council is messed to not let them go follow him
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