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  1. I didnt Think it was worth it. I felt that it was very breif n telling bout his father. Thats what the level was about.
  2. Is it just Nintendo Wii Force unleashed that has the multiplayer duel?
  3. Wow i have no idea why I am suprised that this is still up.How long has it been sense ive been off sense september. Well anywho I didnt play Kotor untill i played the 2nd after i beat the secound i had the urge to play the first.So i went to a friends. In the 2nd i didnt even listen to what they had to say at the start i jsut clicked on a random answer that went well with my first answer or the path i chose. (Welcomes self back)
  4. ok. it does lol i got used to it hes from my fav Rapcore group Insane Clown Posse

  5. Are their ny Juggalos Or Juggalettes on here sept me?
  6. Varial KickFlip

    You Like Coheed and Cambria?

    Wats ur fav song?

    Mines Welcome Home

  7. HEY HEY HEY IM BACK. Yea The Story of Revan has became a So called "Legend". Sort off depends on how you look at it .
  8. Is it possible to find that droid part i think it was a drod part that the guy was loking for on Nar shadda? he was n the swoosh area where the guy is laying on the ground
  9. Yes Swinging a Glowstick is civilized its more like a jedi and you can use movement n key wih grace etc.
  10. Yea the Rebels did get pwned on Hoth. But the Empire had advantages with the At-Ats and such.
  11. yes Revan would endup finding a way to atleast decline Nihilus's abilty to drain the force.But saddly as much as a revan fan i am i would say that it would be a nice fight to see im not siding with ny one on this fight.With Revans strength n the force and blade and Nihilius's Ability in the Force u have to agree with me that,that would have to be a pretty nice fight. =)
  12. Lol yea it would.I wouldnt even touch it.

  13. She had brown in the games but in Apocolypse she had Black hair

  14. Lol its wat my GF is geting my for X-mas she wont tell me i need help its an item
  15. Lol no the first word is 3 letters the 2nd is 4
  16. No come on guys it 7 letters its pissing me of 2
  17. D.. ...S What 2 words could that make?
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