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  1. Yes but it would be better off not build it destroyed the koolest thing.And a Sith academy may i add.Now whos gonna pay for that
  2. Yea it was oh and im with u on #4 Clowns are some scary **** some1 cant be that happy

  3. Nvm ty so much just got it i figured that the box was green so i clicked it and clicked apply and guess wat it worked lol
  4. now it says Unhandled exception: Access violation at address 00996D21. Read of address FFFFFFFF (0)
  5. I already Unchecked manualy and unchecked them from the folder way also.I followed the read me
  6. Yea it would have to be in the Unknown regions because he aint comeing back
  7. Ok so i got the file extracted i tryed the TSL patcher and i keep geting an error Unhandled exception: Access violation at address 00000000 . Read of address 00000000 (0) Plz help
  8. Yea the new ones arnt hard. Nope not new ive been here sence 07

  9. My Female Gaurdian Wep master Culd kick revan any time
  10. o yea there is fanboy has boy at the end and fan doesnt
  11. Yet wen u say that u like revan it makes u one also
  12. Yea for all we know Revan could be helping the True sith guess well have to wait
  13. Sith could have fallen from knowning that they would fall from revan destroying them.Yet again revan did cause nothing it was not his doing
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