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  1. for example: Kreia Apperance Darth malak Name change: Darth malak Gender change: Male. Id say dats about it i did it to all the chars i dont like
  2. Lol but yet wasnt it Arthas him self who destroyed his father and claimed Lorderon for the Scourge.. Yes it was.

  3. Lol is KSE supposed to get read of my party after i totally alter them. Just so u know this is my lowby save i did it on
  4. ummm no i dont the lady in the Cantina is purple or pink she has 2 Gamorean gaurds with her and its 1 of the missions she gives u. Wait orgot to ask wat is this for X box or PC?
  5. I did and it hurt my eyes, might want to try another color scheme lol same here
  6. What sort of mods are you trying to use? Some item mod require the KSE, while others can be found in-game. im trying to use the Droid planet mod. I put it in my Override Folder. but im on GO-TOs ship right now so i can check wen i get off if i did it right
  7. thats BULL there will be K3 no 1 can say otherwise if there isnt theres gonna be some pretty pissed people
  8. Lol yea hes not REvans a Hotdog bag of chips and a powerade FTW
  9. ummmm are we talking about those 2 bounty hunters that the lady in the Cantina tells u to go find? If so go to the med office answer he com they will tell u to go to apartment console A i think its room 3 i think pretty sure.
  10. Sadly, no. Thank u atleast some people agree with me
  11. no im asking just overall wat is ur favorite planet in the starwars Universe
  12. ok im geting mad i cant do anything i cant get my mods on the thing can some1 gimmie a step bystep info here thx
  13. lol wtf is up with this people and their problems with Vista. Windows FTW
  14. Jw im not very imformed about Mods and i dont know where to put them in the file can ny1 tell me plz thank yea mates
  15. is it just me that thinks darth revan is god
  16. True dat mate it wont be and nice 1 because revan didnot for some reason or another for people to come find him YES REVAN IS A HIM
  17. thanks jw i never use mods how do i put it in lol i use KSE
  18. yea cant wait till then i think the game will go from BA to a total BAMFing game FTW
  19. lol jw are we positive that sion did infact come back to life. were not talking about DBZ here not wen goku killed kid buu and asked him to comeback and become good.
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