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  1. Yea i would say search for some 1 his user is Deadly Nightshade hes more of a tech person
  2. yea srry.Im not much of a tech person im m lineore like a story
  3. Erm... Guess I'm just lucky then, cuz I've never had any problems. Actually runs better on my laptop then my hubby's desk top computer. Also ,(doi) with Vista. Ummm yea it works on laptops mine works more than perfactly
  4. ummm their should be some kind of setting thing when u put the disk in and it shows up the play register ext. and u click on it and hit recommended and that should work
  5. jw ive never done this with any of my other chars. Ok well when you get to the Academy theirs the explosives in the library i think and it blows up a door and in it is a sith hologram and it always says that its destroyed.
  6. it was pure will and power of the Dark side of the Force that held Sion together. And we cant tell Revan has a mask on also.
  7. Yea an that kick ass K3 would be better like all the other 1s
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