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  1. Steam, because I love hoarding achievements. I'll grab it on GOG again at some point because DRM-free always wins.
  2. As someone who occasionally enjoys watching a handful of people play games, I have to say that I've stumbled across one chronically agonising realisation: many people who stream themselves playing games rarely know what they're doing or, at least, often make patently stupid mistakes and miss blatantly obvious things. Often it's the "younger" streamers. So much so that I've begun to suspect it's a kind of modern gaming "spoon feeding" syndrome--that they struggle to think for themselves. It frustrates me to no end. Ordinarily I give it a few minutes before closing a stream and moving on
  3. The worst part is the waaaaait. What do you start playing so close to a release? Oh gief to me teh holeh, pillarly ambrosia!
  4. Can I please have 'Curious Oddity of the Obsidian Order?" :D Thanks muchly!
  5. I've been going through a Dimmu Borgir phase lately... Can't... get... enough!
  6. Honestly, I would sell my soul for modern-day remake of Planescape with all the content that "might have been" "should have been" or "wanted to have been" :D Alternatively, another game set in the Planescape universe would be wonderful, there is INFINITE potential for that universe. I don't think I'd want a Planescape 2 as such though. But I'd trust you guys to know what's best and make another legendary classic <3
  7. First off, I'd like to draw your attention to the timestamp of my edit: This post has been edited by WulfenMortys: Yesterday, 01:05 AM Secondly, I'd like to draw your attention to the time you quoted me: Dungeon Siege 3 is the best hack n slash ever ... in your opinion. Is there a man at your home with a gun to head right now? Do you need me to call the popo? Approximately six hours AFTER I edited it. You, sir, are a hypocrite and troll of note.
  8. Read the previous post where I quoted that exact same line. Again, I ask you: did I call it the "BEST" hack-and-slash ever or the most ENTHRALLING. Pay close attention to the words and where all of this went wrong will dawn on you, I'm sure.
  9. How can a subjective truth be wrong? It can be wrong from a different subjective point of view. You think it is the best ARPG ever and I don't. I hope you guys understand almost all of what I post is subjective. I tend to think it is implied ... I do not think my opinions are cold hard facts. Well, isn't that where all of this has gone slightly awry? You've misinterpreted my post where I called it the most enthralling hack-and-slash game I've ever played and by far the most enjoyable because it catered to parts of what made both cRPG and hack-and-slash worlds appealing.
  10. Dungeon Siege 3 is the best hack n slash ever ... in your opinion. Is there a man at your home with a gun to head right now? Do you need me to call the popo? Also, quoting you, did I ever say it wast the "best" hack-and-slash ever or the most ENTHRALLING? I kind of get the feeling you're confusing me with: Edit: Actually, scratch that last bit, he posted after you quoted me.
  11. Oh, sorry, you're talking to me? I didn't realise Well, I've made it clear from the onset that I don't like the hack-and-slash sub-genre of RPGs (I find it tedious, mundane, repetitive, monotonous and flat-out boring): I completely understand that hardcore cRPG fans will find fault with DS3, I also completely understand that hardcore hack-and-slash fans will find fault with DS3. That was my point--it's an attempt at pleasing too many people at once (spreading themselves too thin) and thus not pleasing anyone at all. However, some of us see past it and see how much went into it and
  12. I would actually be quite happy to be a kind of subscriber to Obsidian, paying a monthly fee, getting exclusive "Thanks for supporting us" goodies every so often, DLC, whatever if it helps them stay independent and do what they love. I would be quite happy knowing that I can contribute to a developer I love on a more regular basis if it means they always make games that THEY love to make. Maybe I'm just odd? *shrug* Troika became legends and their games will be remembered forever. When GOG upped their games, I was happy to buy them all over again. I hope that, at some point, they
  13. Thank you very much Not at all :3 Remakes of Planescape (Black Isle) and Arcanum are two games I would go utterly nuts for. Planescape's world and lore, especially, had so much potential for sequels, stories or new adventures based on it all. Planescape is my all-time favourite game and occasionally I still feel nostalgic and a little sad when I think of it and the Nameless Hero's story <--- certified goof True, true. Which is exactly why I feel a developer should be true to themselves and their own vision; that they should first please themselves before trying to p
  14. hehe... And this is where what I said in the opening post becomes relevant: you can please some people some of the time but you can't please everyone all of the time. DS3 is definitely a hybrid between cRPG and hack-and-slash. I actually don't know what I would've done differently... I suppose I would've preferred a full-blown cRPG with co-op or a fullblown hack-and-slash with story but yeah, the hybridisation is very bitter-sweet although, over-all, as someone who was never a big fan of hack-and-slash, I enjoyed it. *nod* *nod* Feeling is mutual
  15. Funny that you mention that and that's actually a really good point. The one sub-genre of RPG I've never been able to stand (hack-and-slash) they've managed to wow me with (Dungeon Siege III). They're an insanely gifted developer. However, while I enjoyed all of those games, some of them felt sot of... half-baked. As though they wanted to do more but settled for "okay."
  16. Totally agreed. I still remember the er... flamboyant pirate in Temple of Elemental Evil. Awesome character :3 I have no problem with multi-platform games, quite the opposite in fact. I believe that the more people a game (especially a good one) can reach the better. My problem is when games are simplified to the point where it's a hair's breadth from automating everything for you; or when developers use underhanded tactics to give the illusion of choice when there really isn't. Or ambiguous three-word dialogue options that don't really give clear indication of what your character will say
  17. Okay, so not so much an open letter as a forum post directed primarily at the developers, but bear with me. I fell in love with Obsidian the moment I played Knights of the Old Republic 2, basically from the moment I met Kreia. I realised that here is a developer who knows how to make a character feel real, feel alive and above all, important to you. I loved Black Isle and, to my knowledge, I own every game ever released by them. Similarly, I'm proud to say that I own every game ever released by Obsidian and although I have been a little disappointed by certain aspects of Alpha Protocol an
  18. It's the damn co-op camera that gets me... Can't see mobs in front of you, occasionally get cornered and stuck, get completely disoriented in combat when co-op partner runs around to get a better vantage... Seriously, I could cry...
  19. Indeed. The frustrating thing is that I'm loving the gameplay but holy hell in a handbasket what they were thinking with the co-op camera is beyond me. During combat, if partner moves to better position themselves to attack mobs, you lose your "centre" and become confused as to where you are in relation to the camera's position. It's so, so, so frustrating... Honestly, as much as I am enjoying (read: loving) the gameplay, story and characters the camera just ruins the experience. I will always support Obsidian, they're one of my absolute favourite devs which is exactly why this s
  20. Oooh yeah... I bought DS3 (PC) for the co-op but... my word... that fixed-character camera is going to make me tear my eyes out. If I want to go forward and my co-op partner wants to go back to check if we got all the treasure... *TWANG* the rope that binds us reaches its limit and neither of us can go any further until one of us is closer. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea, ESPECIALLY for online co-op but he should receive a firm talking-to >.<' Personally, I love Obisidan's games and I support them all on release but what the hell, guys? *sad panda* Plea
  21. I don't personally mind achievements. I think some might make a certain aspects to a game more frustrating than they're worth but they do give a certain air of accomplishment once you get them. Also, sometimes the harder-to-get ones give an incentive to try (especially if friends have them) and in a bizarre way add to the longevity of a game. But yeah, they're nice if you want them and you can just as easily ignore them if you don't :3
  22. GIEFS GAME TO ME NAO! I mean, really. Who needs voice-overs? You can add them in later! I'm not picky! It'll add replay value! I'll be fine with subtitles! Who do I have to sleep with to get more juicy details about DS3? Obsidiaaaaaaan! Stop torturing me!!! Pratchett has been quoted as saying, "Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind." Are you going to wilfully permit one of your loyal, devoted, loving fans to... to... use multiple exclamation marks?! Surely not! Such a travesty is unheard of! Insane! Ridiculous! So where's the local information portal? I n
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