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  1. I wound up trying the drastic measure of delete local content and redownloading the whole game through Steam (luckily I have a fast connection). Once the game re-installed I was able to load the saved games.
  2. Hello, I played the game for a few hours last night, creating several saved games along the way. When I launched the game tonight, the 'Continue' and 'Load Game' buttons are greyed out and unselectable; I can't load any of my savegames! I can see all of the SAVEGAME files on my hard drive so they are definitely there. I've tried launching steam as an administrator, running the game executable directly as an administrator... that did not fix the issue. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. When you buy a used Ford, do you get the exact same warranty coverage that the person who bought the car new received? Just looking at this from a different angle... so let's skip the posts that flame me for wholeheartedly supporting this plan (I don't), etc etc.
  4. It's undeniable that (at least in the United States) the price of video games, adjusted for inflation, has actually gone down 20-30% (if not more) in the past twenty or so years.
  5. I'm almost certain that one of the older Splinter Cell games had sections with 'instant fail' areas where being spotted = "You have failed" or something along those lines. Unfortunately it's been way too long since I've played any of those to remember which game and what section it was.
  6. ...and for the players who played pre-patch, LOADING
  7. Dear Matt, what does inventory got to do with RPGs? Apparently a lot, judging by the many people on various forums bitching about Mass Effect 2 because it doesn't have Sniper Rifle +2, Shotgun of Fast shooting, etc.
  8. Isn't that how every game begins? Well if it actually had to explain anything besides "You are the chosen one" I could understand the 20 minutes of info dump FO 2 didn't waste your time with cutscenes and exposition. Instead it wasted your time with the temple of trials
  9. 'Not considered worthy' might be too harsh as Bioware did work on a JE sequel (at least once for certain, possibly more than once). If they considered it truly unworthy they would not have even bothered to attempt a sequel.
  10. Ah, another one of these topics... seen plenty of these on the beth boards. Basically boils down to the NMA-crowd and similar folk believing they have some special power or authority over the Fallout IP. Not sure what the F3 bashers hope to achieve at this point... maybe they believe that if they bash the game 10,000 more times it will disappear from existence and their precious series will no longer be raped etc.
  11. Panzer General 3 Scorched Earth. It's obscenely hard to get major victories with the challenge score > 160... or maybe I'm just rusty.
  12. Isn't this what Paradox has been doing for years now, what they basically did with Hearts of Iron II (and I believe many of there other games... don't have firsthand knowledge of those though)?
  13. And you are able to present evidence that this in fact the case w/ EA at the moment?
  14. Right, you acknowledge that it's possible to die and then a short time later say that you can't die. edit: rather, the question you pose at the end of your 2nd post is meaningless because you already know that you can die How can a person lose the game? The same way a person could lose in BG1 or Fallout... die (or in DA's case, TPW) and choose not to reload earlier save games. I mean, that must be what a true hardcore gamer like you did with the earlier games, right? You wiped your HDD and smashed up your install discs because in ANY game, how could a person lose if they reload an ear
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