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  1. I often can't craft altough I have the sufficient ingredients. Wanted to post a picture here but I cant... 'cus I have to put a.. URL? Hope this is a known issue. thank!
  2. Dear Devs, This problem still persists. I guess it's a bug with the latest build. Please fix this, as my priest goes to waste without this very importent spell (BTW, looks like it will affect those in melee range..) Thanks!
  3. Guys, regarding "strange to put Serafen barb-only". Understand, not everyone in the game uses their innate abilities in combat. Serafen was never shown to use cipher-abilities through dialogue via combat-ish ways. So, the way I see it - the game lets YOU decide, whether these psychic abilities are combat-oriented, or just outside of combat, and letting him be a full barb. I like interpreting the game that way, sinse I chose to go full barb
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