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  1. I was just playing in the spider caves, the Spider Queen killed everyone (well actually half my party was already knocked out after defeating some other spiders when my player character attacked the Queen off-screen and she came down to finish everyone else off lol) and after I clicked on 'load' the game crashed to desktop. I got the 'this program has stopped working' popup and went back to desktop. Not sure how to repeat or if anything specific triggered it, as my party died in my very first combat and I was able to load a save no problems. Cheers dxdiag attached. philby_DxDiag.txt
  2. When at the save or load game screens, it seems to be displaying transparent empty boxes outside of the actual window and as you scroll up and down the list they move along with it. Hopefully the photos explain it better!
  3. I haven't played Wasteland 2, but what I was thinking of was the way it worked in Dragon Age: Origins, where you can rotate the character's head, zoom in and out, move them around etc. I imagine it's similar in Wasteland 2 then? For the same reason, none of them look like my character that I've just made or what I would envisage them as
  4. cool! I'm actually finding it confusing in combat when looking at enemies, I would much prefer a simple red bar on top of the enemy and have it display 54/81 health or something when I hover over them.
  5. I have trouble sometimes finding loot on the ground. Steps: 1) Kill enemy 2) Stand around looking puzzled as sometimes I can't see where on the ground the loot pile is [Expected behaviour] When I defeat enemies and they drop loot, when I hold down the tab key I should see a highlighted blue circle around the loot pile, but this doesn't appear to be the case. [Example] When looking for the Dragon Egg, I defeated some Wurms in the long grass, but the grass covers up the loot pile and I can't make it out properly. In the attached photo, I'm holding down the tab key which displays the compass icon, but by the character in the top left corner there are 2 loot piles which you can barely see and aren't highlighted. Cheers
  6. Hi, perhaps this is something that was debated or talked about in the forums in the past or just not included in the beta? While I understand the nostalgia aspect and desired 'feel' of the game with regards to game lineage and character portraits, I also thought perhaps this was something where modern technology would also catch up. I'm pretty sure I read you will be able to upload your own custom portrait, but can we also have the option of using an in-engine portrait of your character as you have chosen in character creation? cheers
  7. Are we able to edit the save game names ourselves, instead of 'save 1' etc? It's not a game-breaker but sometimes I do like to add context or notes about what I'm saving for. cheers
  8. Yes sorry, I meant can we have the options to change the speed, not just have it faster for everyone
  9. When I open the inventory and then open the stash and hover on items for descriptions, the descriptions appear between the inventory and the stash, ie I can't read them as the stash is covering up the description popup. Unfortunately I can't take screenshots at the moment, whenever I alt-tab back to Windows and ctrl-v into Paint, I get a message saying the information could not be copied from the clipboard and there is not enough memory to complete the action.
  10. Hi, not really a bug so much as a request, can we increase the speed you scroll around the map? I couldn't find it in any options. It's very slow using both the arrows on the keyboard and also moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. Apologies if this is fixed/already mentioned.
  11. I've also had this happen. Also sound related, sometimes the in game sounds just stop playing but I still get music.
  12. I've encountered the same thing with the woman in the kitchen. Also, at times while viewing the inventory and characters, weapons sometimes float around and move in the 'in-engine' part in the middle where you see your character.
  13. me too, dammit! haha. I died in my first combat the same way, it started me thinking 'crap, I'm not sure if I'm gonna like this!'
  14. Same here, re-loading after everyone died made everything disappear. Although when I exited the game, started it again and loaded the same save game everything was back to normal.
  15. I'll add my voice to this issue. Yay! I'm contributing! win 7 pro 64-bit amd 6900m series card
  16. woohoo! about 25 mins till download is complete
  17. well this actually lines up better for us aussies, if you happen to have a day off, as it's 8am here now so there will be plenty of time
  18. Being a fellow Aussie (who's also waiting), you're likely to be waiting until tomorrow (in our timezone) ... so you'll just have to be patient yeah i know, i posted in one of the other threads about it, some speculation it might be on steam at 10am, which translates to 3am tomorrow for us
  19. so that's about 18 hours from now? 3am on the 19th Melbourne time
  20. I don't suppose it has been mentioned anywhere if the physical collector's book would be available separately at all? I get the digital version in my tier but you have to go up to the $250 tier to get a physical one and it's not in the addons you can buy would love the book but couldn't afford to go up that much higher!
  21. Well, they let you look things up without alt+tabbing out of your game, for one. Yeah I agree, I think I bought the hard copy strategy guide for the Witcher 2 even though I already got a digital version with the game because it was so much easier to have it open on the desk instead of alt-tabbing back and forth all the time!
  22. Good morning everyone! It's been August 18th for 8 hours and 55 minutes here in Melbourne...not counting or anything...hurrrry up!!
  23. I like how in The Witcher 2 for each chapter there seemed to be plans for a couple of sets of armour that were stand outs and something to aim for, but you can't afford them yet. So you play a bit and build up some resources and then get the armour. I found however that by the time I got the armour it was pretty late in the chapter but at least it gave you something to set you up for the next bit. So if something like that was implemented, where there is some kind of item in a particular area/chapter that is clearly fantastic but expensive, it gives you something to work toward and spend a big pile of money on. I don't really like durability style systems, I just find them really annoying. I'm also a bit of a hoarder, so things like camp storage chests and the Ebon Hawk cargo hold made games more fun for me to play
  24. I just don't want to be able to pick up "trash" items that can only be sold and take up space. just give me the gold instead!
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