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  1. So, It's patch day today, but I still can't give Llengrath the seed in Seeds of Deception after killing Wael Oracle. She just say goodbye and walk away. I get this quest from her, but still can end it only with Tein. Does anyone solve this problem? Or Llegrath can be found on map somewhere else?
  2. If you read Beast DLC review - not a lot of new info. 2.0 will be in beta soon (with out DLC). And you will be able to check balance there.
  3. Principi feels more like stories from Pirates of the Caribbean - more fantasy style. VTC - more about politics and real life problems (not far from Huana and RDC in whole).
  4. May be Pallegina will change her opinion about ducs in POE 3! In POE 2 she said that Republics are much more then only ducs and government. Bad ending for her in POE I and not the worst ending in POE 2 (where she is not dead) could made an impact in her.
  5. This relations system is just another way to open the whole character of your teammates in front of you. Of course all of them are are complex enough to have some positions that you can't change at all. But it's so sweet to see how they communicate with each other! Jokes or scandals - all are masterpiece part of roleplay!
  6. If we're talking about something like this dude, then they probably have a death rate close to Skaen godlikes. (Pan's Labyrinth Dude) I thought about someone like Ashiok from MTG -
  7. Sound like spinoff in POE! Could be interesting to play for another character in Eora world. With no harm for main POE storyline!
  8. I think that Wael godlike won't have eyes at all. The whole world for them would be a mystery then! The eyes could appear on them during spell casting for example. Eyes on palms sounds good for them too. They can cognize the world in any manner they want. Another interesting way for them - to have a cloud of eyes instead of head. For Abydon I see rather strait way - some parts of the body would be made from metal (or would be like metal weapons).
  9. I hope so too! About New playable types would be awesome! Some gods for me are more inteteresting to be connected with than other (whose godlike already represented in the game). I'm confused as to why you asked permission to do something in a video game It's not exactly permission! It's just pretty to know, that your choice could be predicted by lore authors.
  10. What do you think: is it possible to see new playable races (or godlike types) in future games, DLC? Or its just not illogical - to make new playable races because you are not a new character in this adventure (you continue your epic adventures in Eora as Watcther for POE I). In the other hand - you can change race even if you transfer saves from POE I. I even asked Alex Scokel during stream last week - is it lore ok to change race in POE II if you transfer your save. And he said - it's ok!).
  11. Have the same bug in 1.2. At ending slide I have information that I broke up with Xoti. But I clearaly said her NO for relations in first romance dialog! Please, fix it! This girl should be happy with out Watcher!
  12. My two lore questions (hope it's not too greedy))): 1. Is it lore ok - to change race or birthplace between games if you transfer your saves. Can it be explained somehow by some mysterious divine miracle? 2. You gave us the opportunity to romance some characters from first game, but not all. That means, that our relations can really transform and go further. Will we be able to develop our relations with other old charaters in future (may be in POE 3))?
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