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  1. I am not running windows. I use a Mac. Well there's your problem. Man why so many Mac haters lol To be fair, I don't hate Macs, they have their very specialized uses. Macs are the best, hands down, for music composition and audio recording software. However, because of Steve Jobs' monopolistic fantasies, they don't play nice with other, non-Apple, technologies. They are designed that way on purpose. So, when you have software that needs to work with the most possible arrangement of hardware (video games as one example), Macs have a hard time. Developers have to go out of thei
  2. I'm in Pahowane, on the same island as Nekataka, and Badema is not voiced at all. Is this a bug, or did the devs lie?
  3. This started happening when I was on Poko Kohara. I quick loaded and the right side of the screen filled with crew wages, food, and drink lost. I reloaded a second time and nothing happened and my inventory remained unchanged. This has happened several times since, but reloading a second time fixes it. It has not occured when loading a manual save, nor loading a quicksave on game launch.
  4. This debuff is from breaking your promise to Rymrgand in PoE 1. I've heard that it is bugged and sometimes gets applied to you even if you didn't. It is time based, not rest based, and it will go away eventually. Berath's debuff is way worse. I just sat around with the game on fast mode and watched some youtube on my phone. Looked up after a few videos and it was gone.
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