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  1. Motion sickness is still present for since I gave the new Far Cry: New Dawn a chance, still got dizzy an hour in. Hopefully my favorite game developer(Obsidian) makes 3rd person availabe
  2. I could not play far cry 5 because of the fixed first person, got really bad motion sickness from the game. I saw many threads about how to fix it but none of it worked for me. Hopefully we can get an optional third person here. Loved your games. Especially New vegas and Deadfire.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. It seems like another run is inevitable because of Eder's new pet slot and the new respawning ship loot.
  4. Do the loot respawn as well? Sorry I cannot get to my home pc atm i was thinking of replaying the as i never finished any of the dlcs yet
  5. Fps makes me dizzy and sick. A quick google search will show multiple threads about far cry 5 on this with similar symptoms. I played New Vegas and Deadfire so much so I am a fan. Hope you consider. Thanks.
  6. I am very curious regarding those minor magical accessories as I am often low in cash. Looking forward to that coming guide. Also, I hope this gets stickied or something
  7. I have made a topic about this on reddit and got this response DarthWraith22 2 points·4 days ago I just found that the daughter of one of those feuding families in Neketaka (the one who hires you to find her brother) can now be pickpocketed for a Healer's Sash and one more item. Also, the quartermaster in the Brass Citadel now has a Ring of Overseeing.
  8. But how much does it scale though? I was really wondering about this and searched but this is the only thing that i had found. Don't have the Gippon Prudensco and I don't think I can get it this save. I would really appreciate it if someone can tell how much the items scales.
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