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  1. Silent protagonist works best. Fallout 4 shows how having a voiced protagonist is a fail. Perhaps if you could change the voice pitch in the settings then it might work but I prefer a silent protagonist in these type of games.
  2. It would be such an easy fix if Obsidian team implements having you and your companion's name in red for the item description to avoid having to remember what weapon or armor needs upgrading and not selecting the wrong equipment. I hope someone from the dev team actually reads this thread.
  3. I was offered Plasma Weakness in Byzantium but I don't know how much worse plasma damage might factor later in the game. I hear the - 1 flaws take away 5-7 points from their grouped skills.
  4. It can get confusing when modifying or tinkering your companions weapons and armor trying to remember who is equipped with what. Especially when you have multiples of the same item in your inventory. A nice patch update would be to simply put the companion's name (perhaps in red font) in the item description of whatever weapon or armor they are wearing so you know exactly what to upgrade.
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