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  1. Anyone knows if when using rogue modal Persistent Distraction (which flanks enemies engaged) does it trigger the modal from Duskfall?
  2. I was told by a rep this is working as intended. Reason why I quick Nelpazca, as its useless against mages since you having the 100% healing reduction is not optimal in a PotD game setting.
  3. I got 3 save files, different characters (2 of them Herald, 1 Inquisitor) all 3 have almost the same gear, and ALL 3 have Knock Down ability on the hot bar. I am sure nor Paladin, Chanter or Cypher skills grants Knock Down, so I am assuming this is an error or bug after a retrain somewhere in the line. *Just tested it with a file, reached Neketaka and went directly to steal my Devil of Caroc, then from there I went to the Wild Hog in Queen's Berth and retrained, when I finished retraining, I gained Knock Down on a Paladin/Rogue (Holy Slayer).. **Actually I am gaining Constant Recovery and Knock Down, and because I am wearing Devil of Caroc Breastplate I am able to use 2 times the Knock Down ability as I gain 2 "discipline" with it. Attached is an image after I retrained. Before retraining, said abilities were not present. Added dropbox save file shared to bugs@obsidian.net which shows Liara, Herald with knock down and constant recovery.
  4. I know I may be asking this on the wrong forum channel. But I wanted to make sure it wasn't a bug from the people that know about the game more than I do. After like level 6ish on my Herald (Paladin/Chanter) I acquired Knock Down Ability on my bar. Its always grayed out but its there. As far as I am aware nothing on the chanter or paladin side grants knock down correct? and the gear I am using, no item grants knock down, that I can see. Actually, just checked any of my toons above level 10 has Knock Down now. And my Paladin / Cypher (Inquisitor) also has it; but in this case not grayed, but fully usable. Moved this thread into the bug section, as I just discovered that you gain Constant Recovery and Knock Down upon retraining a character. If you are already a fighter I guess you only gain Knock Down if you selected Discipline Barrage upon creation.
  5. Aye, either white on screen on red so far. Happens often enough.
  6. I have been having an issue where some red numbers from enemy attacks stay permanently on screen even after fight is over... they hover even on boat mode. Only way to reset it, is to save, quit the game and load back, a quick save reload, still reloads the words in the middle of the screen. I can try to provide a screen shot once it happens again, as it seems to be happening often since I installed BoW and Deck of all Things.
  7. The stat spread that I included under the spoiler was for v1)For v4 I would go for: -19/9/15/14/18/3 if you use scrolls or DoT chants (assuming that dot chants duration is still affected by int). -19/9/15/18/14/3 otherwise Reasoning being: Amount of FoD usages is limited. And those invocations are not spamable. So when they hit, they better hit hard. Hence high MIG and PER. 9 CON is enough on herald to not die to focus fire. For survivability there is AR and healing. No need for higher health pool. DEX will help finishing those invocations faster (4.5s cast + 3.0s rec). So lower risk of being interupted. And 15 dex is nice in the sense that even if paladin is hobbled or immobilized he wont get dex malus. As for RES.. those 7 points would only decrease damage taken vs deflection by ~15% for such a character. Which is not worthy enough and can be discarded. Ok... So basically I should follow @Voltron guide but with the changes considering I am going for a full offensive Herald. I need to then read all the description for all the chants to see which ones have DoTs, and check if the damage is affected by Might, I know its duration is affected by Intellect, but since on Brisk Recitation its low boost. Edit. Chants like: Come, Come soft Winds of Death + The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed and maybe Old Siec Not Rest 'til His Hunger was Sated...
  8. Let's think what options do you have: v1. wayfarer/skald with high MIG focused on low-level offensive invocations.This one heals with white flames, occasinally tosses LoH and Liberating Exhortations. "The Thunder Rolled" and "At The Sound of His Voice" will cost 2 phrases; and are the main invocations to use. On average you can cast the new invocation 6s after recovering from the previous one. 1 phrase gets auto-generated, and 1 more you can get from a crit. In the worst case scenario (if you don't crit) it gonna be 12s. v2. wayfarer/skald with dumped MIG, focused exclusively on exhortations, beacon and cc invocations.But I think, unless you imperatively need Shared Flames in your party, the linked skald/trickster will perform better. v3. wayfarer/skald with maxed MIG focused on spell-damage invocations, specifically on "Seven Nights" and "Bitting Winds".Basically a regular paladin, but who can also toss a heavy invocation once in 16-30s. v4. wayfarer/troubadroud with maxed MIG focused on spell-damage invocations just like the previous variant.This herald with Brisk Recitation turned on will be able to gather 5 phrases in 15s. So it looks strictly better than v3, but you lose linger. v5. wayfarer/troubadrour with maxed MIG focused on spell-damage chants, specifically Soft Winds and later The Dragon Trashed.Theoretically these chants will deal more damage with Brisk Recitation off. But unlike in PoE1, Dragon Trashed is kinda weak in Deadfire. So until a corresponding buff, this approach looks kinda moot. Out of these I would advice either v1 or v4. v4 looks like the one which will allow you to deal most damage. While v1 is something I'm currently using on a custom companion in my party, and do like it for versatility and utility. So basically v4, Although my stat choice was Mig14 Con10 Dex14 Per15 Int12 Res10, Before Berath Blessing, Gear boosts, Food and Hasongo GoM and Effigy So at one point I just use 1 chant on repeat with Brisk?
  9. Yeah, but I dislike the summoning class, and plus for Roleplaying purposes a paladin summoning undeads or other unwordly creatures is not, well, good. Unless you are playing an evil paladin like Bleak Walker, then yeah I can see that. But for a Kind Wayfarer I wanted to focus on offensive abilities.
  10. it was the same for me. until I started watching Sin Tee videos on youtube. S/he is a super pro player and if you watch carefully you will notice, s/he plays mostly solo, and I mean 0 companions builds. And does everything in Triple Crown, which makes the game a lot harder, or actually a little harder. But once you see how s/he is doing it, you will notice there are some basic tricks. Potions + Scrolls + drugs + luring enemies into corners + positioning is key. After the big difficulty increase on PotD I wasn't able to kill the enemies in the Arena area to finish Port Maje area. Now I can breeze thru them, since now I am picking at them 1 by 1 or by 2s sometimes. Later game when you have more passives and active abilities you will do this kite-pulling a lot less, since you will be a lot stronger. But you will always do Potions + Scrolls + drugs
  11. Ok, so the vote is for troubadour. I already have 1 at level 10, but I wanted to make sure if Skald wasn't a better option. Yes I have been looking at combat logs and at this point I get low crits, so the bonus phrases prolly wouldn't work unless doing the one handed build. Thanks.
  12. Having the ability to rename my save files would be amazing, specially when making the mistake of naming the watcher multiple times with the same name while creating builds. By renaming the save file I can call it by its designation instead of the watcher birth name.
  13. After reading the build from @Voltron https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99906-potd-solo-build-guide-herlad-war-caller-aka-sword-singer/ and @Ascaloth https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101088-class-build-the-cunning-duelist/ I am at a cross. I want to play a chanter multiclass. Looking for a Herald (for some reason I do want to finish my first full playthru with a Paladin). But I am confused at what to pick. I want to concentrate mostly on offensive skills. As I tried summoning and they weren't to my liking. Also this watcher will not be a buffer, so the non-offensive shours are a no go. So that leaves offensive only shouts. And this is why I ask the question. If what I am going to do has little to no casting time is it worth troubadour, or would it be better to be Skald for the extra chance of free phrases on a crit and lower offensive shouts? I already have the build mostly mapped out, with the exception of the chanter subclass. As for roleplaying purposes I will also go Kind Wayfarer on the paladin. As I want this play to be benevolent and passionate. Thank you for any feedback, as the confusion is on the phrase generation, brisk recitation and the crit chance for free phrases and low cost of offensive shouts.
  14. Build Name: Adra Infused Duelist Edit: 09/09/2018 Updated Party members after full Play-Thru, made minor change to Equipment. Removed level 20 stats as its redundant and unnecessary. Born in the Deadfire, this Inquisitor follows a simple rule, do good upon others and you will be rewarded tenfold. She is fast and deadly and can strip enemy defenses down to allow allies to pummel away at those who dare stand against the Watcher of Caed Nua. Unlike many inquisitors, she cares about finding the truth, but will get it out of compassion and benevolence and not cruelty or violence, like many other inquisitors out there, that only care about getting the "truth" and not the means used to get it (I am looking at you Rhadam Asunawa, Wheel of Times Inquisitor for the Children of the Light). And in reality she has a frail constitution, but a very strong spirit that guides her through the worst of situations. Class: Inquisitor (Paladin & Cypher) Subclass: Kind Wayfarer & Soulblade Difficulty: PoTD Game Version: 2.0 Play Style: For Party Setup Party Set-up Main-Tank: Eder (Swashbuckler - Fighter/Rogue) [Melee dual wield] Healer: Tekehu (Theurge - Druid/Chanter) [Ranged with dual blunderbuss - Kitchen stove and Serafen starting weapon] DPS-Support: Xoti (Contemplative - Monk/Priest) [melee unarmed with Tuotilo for fast dps and recovery] DPS-Control: Serafen (Witch - Barbarian/Cypher) [dual wield with scimitar combos] Race: Wood Elf Starting Attributes: (Not Including Berath's Blessing or bonuses after Hasongo, Gift of the Machine and Effigy) Culture: Deadfire Backgroud: Raider or Hunter Active Skills: 5 Athletics rest into Alchemy Passive Skills: N/A Went into Metaphysics 9, rest spread for conversation options. After Nemnok fight you get a beautiful staff which scales of Metaphysics, which you can then respect out of two weapon style into two handed style combat with the staff and it gives a decent 2.7s recovery with nice damage output and long range. Active and Passive Abilities Equipment: Weapon Variants Setup: This is a very fast combat Watcher. Where s/he will attack fast and have significantly fast recovery times; because of that we can get away with using a Sword of the main hand (which gives best of piercing or slashing) and we cover crush with the flail. We could change the flail for Kapana Taga which is crush and slash as well and its also equally fast as its a club (includes +5 Accuracy as well). You want to start the fight with Sword Rival (enemy) and follow up with a Borrowed Instinct, after that use Recall Agony on high HP enemies and use Flames of Devotion to heal up your allies that may be taking too many hits and yourself, while generating a lot of focus. This will push you into a Soul Strike Annihilation. Depending on your enemy you will throw Tenuous Grasp (if there are multiples) as to increase splash damage; since Paladin is a single target kinda gal(guy). With the current setup, you will have almost immunity to Intellect, Dexterity and Constitution Afflictions. Your attacks will do high damage, and also you will be able to 2 hits most enemies while on tougher enemies you will be able to stand toe to toe with them. Conclusion: I used this build all the way to the end of the game, and I loved how fast she moved and reacted to everything, being able to heal myself as well as party members, while also doing massive damage was extremely satisfying. Like I said in the beginning, she is a little frail, but what she lacks on Hit Points, she has in healing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I even went into a few fights solo, Nemnok for example, and it was a blast. I wanted to have Eden next to me since I build him using Swashbuckler build, for high survival and damage; but I was able to do it solo no problem.
  15. Hope this helps. Keep in mind basically all the companions feel the same after some testing, only difference was die roll, recovery speed, and defenses or innate abilities. Pet doesn't seem to scale of player stats either on their attributes, and they receive standard bonuses from ranger directly. Pet Str Con Dex Per Int Res Pen Acc AR Deflection Bear 15 12 9 13 5 10 6 30 7 25 Lion 13 13 12 11 5 11 6 30 5 25 Wolf 10 10 13 15 5 12 6 30 5 25 Boar 11 16 8 10 5 15 6 30 5 25 Stag 13 10 12 15 5 10 6 30 5 25 Antelope 10 10 14 15 5 9 6 30 5 35 This is using a multiclass Rogue/Ranger with 17str 14con 17dex 16per 12int 14res (using Blessing of Berath). Only differences I saw was the speed of attacks between most of them and the die roll. Wolf seemed to have highest die roll out of 20 hits. Bear ran behind it, but with the high strength bonus it was almost the same. And lowest hit overall was Antelope.
  16. I went midgame with Stalker / Kind Wayfarer. Dual Wield. Since Flames of Devotion heals you are members around you, you are able to do damage and still be high support, thanks to paladin passives you are really tanky, and the ranger aspect concentrate on increasing the damage of pet. I did a playthru with wolf, he tended to be squishy and needed more heals than I thou was necessary, then did with bear and what a change. Bear would just take it to the face and smile. Since it has higher AR its incredible. Ghost heart, if you wanna be ranged and no pets.
  17. This is my second "play", since i didn't fully finish my first one, and I am trying to avoid Maia assassination assignments. I went ahead and disposed of both the contact in Tiwara and Maje. But once I enter the Brass Citadel Maia is called off for her appointed target. Can I stop that from happening, short of killing Maia?
  18. Is there a way to change color of damage numbers so to differentiate it from other or npc damage?
  19. I have been scouring the webspace for information on how Recall Agony, a cypher active ability works. It says it re-applied 30% of the damage done to target, but I find it nowhere being applied. Is there a bug, is it not being applied at all? Is it a hidden damage calculated on the background but not shown on the logs? Does anyone has any info on this?
  20. Shaman plays a little like Warlock, Barbarian/Priest and you can go Wael ( think or scane or something like that) and it does a nice mix of priesty-roguish abilities combined with barbarian heavy damage.
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