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  1. is that a nun joke?


    i see you've met the architect. how nice...

    isn't he wonderful?

  2. Laozi

    You can totally tell that lamppost in the background behind the purple lightning bolts isn't real

  3. *driveby comment*

  4. What, you stop by and you don't leave a comment? You suck!

  5. It's MUCH better than "mall interesting". :D

  6. Boo right back at ya! Is stumbling across me here "mall interesting". ;)

  7. Wake up San Fransisco

  8. Who? I skimmed the user reviews of his books on Amazon (it was a very very light skim...), and they seemed decent. Maybe that's a good sign. But then I saw his interview posted at Dragonmount, where he said...
  9. Thank you kindly. I'll out do you in the comment stakes yet!

  10. I got your comment right here!

  11. Raccoonnookkeeper!

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