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  1. I doubt it, they are far away from the combat when they enter the fight and i avoid AoE in city.
  2. I can't complete some bounty due to city guards attack me after some turns after the fight begin. Is this bug being investigated already? Thanks!
  3. My crews don't fight and remain idle on their turn. I don't know if this has being pointed out before, in that case sorry for the repost.
  4. During area transition the screen is still black after several minutes and you hear only the music. After a while the music stop and you're forced to close the game with crtl alt canc.
  5. Unfinished? I don't think so, maybe unpolished, yes. Basically every game out since 2000 is supported by a pletora of patches and hotfixes, thats due to the complexity of games in most cases, and bad programming (pathfinder for example). Obsidian has improved the game other than fixed various bug, but nothing game breaking. When it comes to like something its a matter of personal preferences, its pointless to discuss.
  6. Bravi obsidian! https://www.thegamesmachine.it/news-videogiochi-pc-ps4-xbox-wii-u-app/124134/tgm-awards-2018-vincitori-the-games-machine/
  7. wild hunt is open world and it has nothing wrong with narrative, same goes for Arcanum, Fallout, Fallout 2, New Vegas...
  8. I have the game in beta and italian, don't know if it is related. Attached two screenshot Also, i suggest to change "sfide di dio" (god challenges) to "sfide degli dei" (gods challenges), because dio is not plural.
  9. I restart fallout 2 at least 30 times (klamath, rat king den, people know). You can do the same with poe2, and it isn't so tragic, cmon.
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