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  1. I don't expect Virginia Woolf or Ursula K. le Guin to be writing the prose in CRPGs, but I do expect the writing to be basically competent. For example, rather than have your character say "not that I'd be jealous" when the person over whom she is jealous is someone she's just met, you choose one of the many perfectly obvious involuntary human gestures or expressions by which we all know that a person experiencing a strong emotion will, if they are not skilled at concealing it, give her or himself away. When someone this bad at the very basics of their job is promoted within a company, you kno
  2. I thought this was going to be about enemy AI repeatedly disengaging themselves to death but I guess that's just par for the course.
  3. Still not fixed. Last time I pay for a game made by a team of more than three people. Apparently the more people you have around, the less gets done. This game has bugs which have been in it since beta which still have not been fixed and yet they're adding new bugs with new paid DLC. Given that a) you're still fixing/not fixing bugs which have always been in the game and b) you've now released all the content players will have to actually pay for and c) you've sold the company to Microsoft and d) you're working on a new first person shooter it seems rea
  4. Release game full of bugs. Release paid DLC. Don't fix bugs. Sell company to Microsoft. Profit. EDIT: Forgot to say that I'm getting the noise as well, today, on a new fully patched play-through.
  5. Indie dev studio makes game for people like me. We buy game. Indie dev studio is bought by multinational corporation. We don't buy game. Corporate financial officer comes up with explanation for lack of profit focusing on how too many people work at the subsidiary dev studio. Meanwhile, different indie dev studio makes game for people like me, and the cycle continues.
  6. I had it after switching to the beta branch. I guess the game really is still in beta.
  7. I FOUND A BUG: There is a way to choose challenges and blessings together: simply open the blessings menu then click the "x", then turn on challenges and click "continue" - you will be taken back to the blessings menu where they can be selected. I haven't tried to actually start a game this way since I assume this is unintended and would screw up somehow.
  8. Obsidian's attitude toward portraits is essentially that they do not matter.
  9. Simple: they couldn't budget for 200 portraits. They could remove the options that aren't represented by a portrait, but that would have its own problems. a) Why did they create a way for the player the customize the PC model when the PC is also represented with a hand-drawn portrait? Why did they create the need for additional portraits when they couldn't budget for them? b) They used the SAME portraits from PoE1, in case you hadn't noticed. Apparently they budgeted for about 5 new ones - perhaps some number between 5 and 200 would have been possible? Maybe they should have
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