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  1. my two things i want are beraths blessings and mods with gods challenges........... still waiting...
  2. yes there are a few others and they are aware but im going to post anyways as this is the only thing stopping me from playing the game further baraths blessings and mods for gods challenges
  3. if they do make it make it a option in the regular menu god challenges should never EVER be used to tweak balance they are for some fun things for a new playthrough if they do like they should do and make mods available with gods challenges then this wont be an issue
  4. I wonder if a good compromise between 'cheevers and people who just want to play with the challenge is to let the player "unlock" a challenge to play at any difficulty or setting, but then it doesn't count towards the "Challenges complete 0/10" counter. please dont make me unlock something else through another playthrough my first game was solely to unlock all the beraths blessings i could so i can spice up my second playthrough with the gods challenges and baraths blessings
  5. for recovery if you just half or double everything then nothing has changed the combat speed is fine theres quite a few abilities that are practically instance with no recovery anyways and there is quite a few different ways to reduce recovery for melee and spells alike your kindof contradicting yourself with the constitution saying its unimportant but not wanting to die real fast if anything i feel resolve is more of a dump stat for most classes than constitution is having armor give straight damage reduction would require re-tuning of everything in the game and not really change much
  6. yeah ill be staying far away from this challenge. im not as apposed to escort quests as most people are but to have one drag on for the whole playthrough thats where i draw the line
  7. give us mods and baraths blessings with god challenges not locking it to potd difficulty would also be nice and the level scaling. MORE OPTIONS IS BETTER
  8. Started a new game to try out the new god challenges decided to do a Assassin/Illusionist but during combat i was noticing that my reflexive mirror would activate and immediately go away every time whether im getting hit again or not. I also thought it was possibly a graphical glitch only but the bonus doesnt show up either. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
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