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  1. Recovery: The recovery change suggestion was there to make combat a bit more fluid, I exactly put those changes there so the overall balance is more or less intact. I just want everything to be faster instead of watching everyone staring at each other. Thought that's clear from my post. Constitution: I was saying it's unimportant, not that it's a dump stat, which means that most of the time you don't want to reduce it by much, but neither is there a real reason to increase it. There are a few exceptions, like high risk high reward classes that want to stay in bloodied/near death state lon
  2. The battle forged damage actually scales with tankiness, because you can be hit more times . But I agree, some kind of scaling would be good, but I don't think it should be as effective as in poe1... at least in my opinion these abilites were scaling too well there.
  3. This bug is also happening in my game. Unfortunately reloading multiple times didn't help either. I've a feeling that my save files are already corrupted somehow, so I'll have to restart from a previous save (about 5 hours of game time lost). I think this happens if you reload a save, that was created during the daily wage distribution, and from that point on you're pretty much screwed.
  4. Hey, I've finally had the time to play Deadfire, and while I like it very much, there are still a few things, which could increase my enjoyment even more. Please don't take this as a complaint post, I just wanted to share some of my ideas, on how certain things could be improved (at least in my opinion), maybe you find something in it, that you also think might be a good idea. Maybe not, then I've just wasted my time writing this wall of text . Probably most of these changes are too big to be implemented at this state of the game, but who knows, maybe for the next game... --------
  5. Finally a topic like this was made, I was always too lazy to do it myself. In case they'd like to keep Str/Res changes I think the most obvious and easy Con buff would be to move deflection from Res to Con, which was already suggested in other topics. I also like the idea of Con increasing healing but not like Res does it now... at least for me it feels weird that e.g. a priest healer is buffing his outgoing heals with Con. I think it'd be better to make heals %hp based (like in Tyranny). Probably this shouldn't be done with all the healing spells, but for things like Fighter or Barba
  6. Looks like you are right, and the issue is caused by the double clicking bug. Tried to create a new char to test it, and the bonus DT was added below 50% endurance.
  7. +1. Please fix this, because I also want to play as a fire godlike, as soon we get a patch . Additionally there is a clipping issue, whenever you try to wear a cape as a godlike having aumaua body time. I think it's quite easy to fix, the only problem is that the game thinks you have human body type when wearing the cape, so it's literally inside your back. Edit: an additional note, I'm not sure if this is a bug but the fire dmg on hit scales with level. I tried to lvl my char to lvl 12 and it increased to around 28 dmg on hit. honestly this semmed to be a bit too much for being balan
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