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  1. im happy they didnt add one no mindless braindead dungeon romps for me to much of a grind
  2. what difficulty are you playing on? Ive tried numerous playthroughs now with a cipher on POTD and they arent working at all. They probably would be fine on the easier difficulties On POTD they just cant be justified taking up a party slot when you take into consideration there very limited spell roster, mediocre effects and stupidly short ability duration's and they have to build up focus. And ontop of that some of there spells dont even work at the moment look at defensive mindweb, go try using defensive mindweb on POTD and see what happens. Nothing will happen you will cast a spell for aboslutely nothing because anyone taking even 1 point of damage is straight away taken out of it
  3. yeah why are you fixing this crap when 95% of the abilities and spells in the game are that mediocre that they are not even worth using?
  4. i have restarted playthrough, this time instead of using serafen as a cipher i am using a priest, man it is like playing on a different difficulty the game is soooooo mych easier now on POTD In pillars 1 the main reason reasons you took a cipher was for : amplified wave, time parasite and defensive mindweb Now defensive mindweb doesnt work (especially on POTD), time parasite has been nerfed to half its effectiveness and i think the prone effect on amplified wave has been nerfed aswell eg they get knocked down and then get straight back up Ciphers use to be my fav class now they suck bigtime
  5. Really? How do u know? josh sawyer said so on one of his live streams dont expect anything to drastic
  6. why? I personally would have been happy if they just balanced it by increasing the amount off enemies in every encounter and increasing the stats of enemies, I honestly think that about 90% of the spells and abilities in the game simply are not worth casting, you are better of just auto-attacking and not using the spells/ powers
  7. 100% agree great post huge oversite by obsidian the only reason people currently rolling single classes is becasue of the current level cap if the expansions raise the level cap for multis then single class characters will become obsolete
  8. Guys im sorry but in POE1 with its resting casting system ciphers had a huge advantage over other casters becasue they could use there abilities all the time every encounter as long as they built up focus, In deadfire with the new changes to casting every class can use spell every encounter and not have to accumulate focus like ciphers do, And on top of that they have nerfed most of the good cipher abilities, eg mindweb, time parasite Im sorry but ciphers really really really really suck at the moment probably second worst class with rangers bottom
  9. since deadfire has been released they have done a patch about every two weeks Im hanging for the next one because this is the one where they are uptuning spells/ abilities that are not powerful enough whoo hoo!
  10. Im not complaining that POTD is to hard im really enjoying the challenge but im finding that my lead character is getting focus fired with firearms and pretty much dying straight away right at the start of combat, this is especially happening on bounty/ boat fights and tough land encounters the only way i have found around it so far is to put my rogue at the front and have him go invis straight away but then another guy gets focus fired I mean when there are alot more enemies then you its hard to get around this anyone else experiencing this and how are you getting around it?
  11. yes im well aware of all this, I have played ciphers alot in POE1 IMO they just arent that good compared to other classes, They get better in the later levels though
  12. they have to boost it it does nothing in its current state I just reported it as a bug
  13. +5 dex? It does nothing and not worth casting for a level 3 spell There is a dimishing return rule implemented for dex in deadfire to so if you have high dex allready even worse This is a pointless spell and not worth casting please change
  14. The third level wizard spell. The Delectouris motion or whatever its called. This spell is no where near worth casting. Plus 5 dex bonus does hardly anything thats an extra 15% bonus to speed but there is also the new diminishing return rule they implemented aswel so if you already have high dex you might only get a 11% extra speed. Completely not worth using just like alot of other wizard spells Why has everything been balanced to the point of utter uselessness?
  15. On my main party of 1. fighter 2. paly 3. cipher 4. rogue 5. wizard The cipher is by far the lowest drawcard. He harldy even contibutes at all compared to the others. Most of his spell just arent worth casting. The long cast times, short duration effect, mediocre effects and having to accumalte focus just arent dong it for me. Pain block is useful then the next best spell is amplified wave. Time parasite is ok after the nerf. Defensive mindweb is completely useless in its current state.
  16. there not going to release expanions without increasing the level cap in some way they are all about sales would be plain stupid to just release more story without a power progression tied to it
  17. Yeah Right. No idea what you are looking for here. Im referencing basically the entire population on planet earth minus the 5 mil you are talking about who haven't played fallout new Vegas. Some 7 billion people. Jerk
  18. yeah but i think it would be good from a marketing perspective for the expansions to contain increased level cap, more people will buy it so they can get all the extra goodies
  19. so how big was its expansion he is talking about? same size as white march?
  20. 4. The upcoming main DLCs will be similar in size and scope FNV DLCs Fallout New Vegas? how big was its first expansions? Honetly what a crappy answer to that question. Could he possibly be more vague?
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