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  1. Same, 2 walkthroughs and nothing major. I think most buggy game I've ever played was Spellforce 3, it required 12+ patches for me to just finish the main story. Had to stop playing and wait for next patch every time because quests weren't working.
  2. Mostly. Aloth&Eder releationship changes a bit depending on Aloth's endings in PoE and the Watcher can influence Eder&Xoti and Xoti&Maia.
  3. Same for me. I tried to find at least something/someone to care about in this game and found nothing. Aloth and Eder is only ones I care about and they don't really well written in this game.
  4. Same. While he doesn't really disapproves anything Watcher does, I'm still at 0. He really needs at least one more thing he likes. In actual conversations he always smiles when Watcher jokes with him, even with Iselmyr: But his approval just don't matches his actual dialogues, I would've expected Aloth to like the person he always laughs with.
  5. His quest will probably pop up when you meet other Dawnstars elsewhere.
  6. It also feels that he a bit creeped out by the whole Watcher-thing. He jokes every time Watcher does soul-reading, talks to the Gods, etc.
  7. I wish Aloth romance had at least one more conversation, the jump between him shutting you down with "I'm truly glad to see you again, but it's been five years" in first conversation to the kiss is pretty jarring.
  8. Yeah, the thing that really bugs me - it's been 5 years and none of your old companions thought to write/visit the Watcher. I thought we were friends, guys
  9. I don't think he changed much, he just dosn't have much dialogues with the Watcher. In the instances he actually talks to him, he seems the same, he still your friend and values your opinion. Although, I have to agree, his whole quest is just... weird. There was so many options for interesting character quest than ex-lover from 20 years ago.
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