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  1. They literally just added an easy way to do this. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107923-tutorial-adding-new-abilities-to-a-class-v410/ Copy the progression table entries for the imbue abilities, but change the subclass condition to Gunhawk. Then add the copies to the ranger progression table by following the instructions in the mod's post above.
  2. I checked the documentation and I can't seem to find a conditional that checks if a character is a specific character/companion. I have a mod that adds more AI conditions, and it's often requested to have conditions that target a specific companion, like "Target: Eder".
  3. Wow, finally! Now maybe I can go back to my subclass mods. Progression table updating has been a major drag that's why I've been lazy updating them. Thanks for this update! Now if there is a way for us to override existing progression table entries (for example, I have a subclass that disables soul whip so I have to modify the conditions of soul whip) that would be even more awesome.
  4. It's better to use an app like Visual Studio Code (which is free for Windows and Mac) that will help you search multiple gamedatabundles at once.
  5. The first two unique upgrades are not mutually exclusive for me as well. Not sure if it is intended or not.
  6. I also encountered the same issue with my battlemage using Citzal's Spirit Lance and Mule Kick. I thought it was a bug in my AI script because I set Mule Kick to a 10-second cooldown but my character kept spamming Mule Kick.
  7. I don't think that changes the amount of maximum chanter phrases. Basically I have a mod that doubles the HP of enemies and doubles all the class resources. I have found a way to implement it for all the classes except for the chanter.
  8. Is there a way to expose the starting/maximum chanter phrases for modding? I can't seem to find any game component related to them.
  9. I tried to upload my mods to Steam today by following this guide, but on the steam page of my mods, there is no title and description, and it says the file size is 0. Also, I can't seem to upload multiple mods in one session. I have to restart my PoE2 to upload another mod, which also gets the same results as above. Any advice on what I could have done wrong?
  10. Thanks for the update! Seems like we can finally make our own custom classes now with our own icons! I have a suggestion for Magran's Fires mode. If it isn't too much dev effort, is it possible to only disable overriding specific game data objects instead of disabling all mods? I'm thinking some players want to play with their UI/appearance mods. (Or like me, with my custom AI conditionals mod.) This would still prevent cheating by overriding the stats of spells/items/etc but won't force players to part with their favorite mods.
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. The expected dimensions of the various images have been added to the corresponding properties in the online documentation. Awesome, thanks!
  12. Yes, I encountered this problem with my wizard subclasses mod too. I was planning to keep them separate but ended up putting them all in one mod because of the progression tables.
  13. I made a pure caster cipher subclass mod if you're interested. I play a Hierophant with it myself. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/98
  14. I like your idea and I was trying to do something similar, but the way game is coded, Druids HAVE to pick a spiritshift form during character creation. Even if you disable Spiritshift, it's awkward to be forced to choose a spiritshift form during character creation and be unable to use it.
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