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  1. The qunari in Dragon Age were a good example of a foe you could respect and still slaughter on sight.
  2. Almost any game, book, phrase, or comment can be bent to be racially motivated and a means of hate if you look at it hard enough and twist things around until they fit into an ever so popular demand for exposing racial hatred. Myself, I believe it's just a game and I don't read anything else into it to satisfy a need I might have to point out a wrong. I would really like to see just one discussion where someone does not play the race card. I would like the idea of an Orc type race and an elven race and to me no fantasy game is complete without dwarfs.
  3. Orcs of all shapes and sizes, some big dark brutes and smaller cunning ones too! Myself, I wouldn't be adverse to a few brand new types of bad guys, being that we have some of the most creative minds in the business writing this ... I bet they can pleasantly surprise us.
  4. What do you mean by "far and isometric"? No offense meant, but I'm curious as to what I'm not understanding.
  5. I'd like to see a wide range of Orcs and Half Orcs, just like people some are good and some are evil, so ... some would be friends and some would be adversaries, but you decide which.
  6. When I first saw the portrait art for IWD I didn't like it, then it grew on me as I examined it a little more closely over the years. I'm still not sure if I like it because it's part of and reminds me of, one of my favorite past times ... IWD 1 & 2. There are many very talented artists in the field today and I'm sure the Obsidian team will not merely settle, but find one or more artists that can deliver the work they require in the quality we expect.
  7. One of my favorite things about BG was the open wilderness I could explore, please bring this back to gaming. And I have to add, it's very cool that the best at making RPG's has turned away from the big names and turned to the folks that truly appreciate them to make the next legendary RPG!
  8. Thanks for using Kickstarter, the weight of your company's name will do marvelous things for the program. My only regret is that some smaller and newer groups may be put back by how well you guys do everything related to making a great RPG. I for one, feel my long history of almost worshiping you guy's for the work you've done has been well placed.
  9. I really like to play community made single player modules. I think it's great to get to experience another persons take on what a story/adventure could be. I do consider my self a fledgling builder thanks to the help of other very talented modders, very talented and Patient modders. We have a very good thing here with this community, and I'm glad so many other people see this the same way. Keep it up folks, I for one am grateful for your contributions.
  10. I've finished MoTB twice, and plan on another run, (this time evil) as soon as time permits. btw........THANK YOU OBSIDIAN FOR A GREAT EXPANSION!
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