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  1. I guess I've just been rather fortunate because I haven't experienced any bugs yet. I'm playing on an eight core i7 Win7 rig with two nVidia graphics processors.
  2. I wish I would have went with the iron man mode the first play through but I didn't. I'm playing through now on the hardest setting and with ironman, but like you guys said, I pretty much know what to expect. Thank God my short term memory isn't what it used to be, or the whole thing would be pointless. Btw, luzarius I read your post of DA:I linked in your sig. Man, you so hit the nail right on the head and thanks for sharing your insight.
  3. My first playthroughs will be on cheesy, I mean easy. After I've gotten used to the game and the rule set I may up the difficulty. I've still gots a lot to learn about some of the classes and I'll be figuring out my best builds. So yeah, cheesy for my first attempt.
  4. Myself I don't like the idea of folks that just happened along the game get to preload. But us folks that financed the game have to wait. I sure hope none of the what, 77000 backers have any problems with their keys due to human error. I mean, why issue them early with time to correct problems when you can just do it all at once and hope that it all works out alright, right?
  5. Darn, forgot to get your approval before posting a question in a faq thread. I'll be sure to check with you next time.
  6. So, we're looking for an email then? With WL2 we got a PM on the forum with it.
  7. I looked and didn't see this notice, but I'm glad to hear it. Monday or Tuesday would be much better.
  8. You say we digital version backers will get our download keys on the 26th, does that mean we can't preload the game like a pre-purchase person does? Even though we backed it, (some of us from the start) we will get our keys sometime during the 26th and then we can download when, or even after those that didn't back the game. Seems kind of wrong to me.
  9. Then it seems odd that you would have any interest in a game made by them. I don't have an interest in a game made by them. I have a vested interest in a game made by Obsidian and I intend to support them in their endeavors.
  10. Like? Heh heh Either way, I don't need or want any "life" lessons from their cartoon.
  11. Somewhere along the way the show stopped being funny and started trying to preach some kind of lesson each episode. Come on, we're inundated with how society expects us to believe and think enough already, a cartoon should stick to being funny.
  12. If they keep delaying it the folks that have been waiting for it will be to old to find the humor of Matt and trey funny anymore. I used to love the show and then got older and started to see the patterns in the humor, it stops being funny when you know what they're going to say or do. Oh, another butt joke/hippie joke, or maybe more wisdom from a grade school kid. Meh ... When or if it comes out, I'll consider it's appeal then.
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