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  1. Probably not a bug, one of the very first amulets you find isn't supposed to be strong enough to be worn throughout the whole game, is it?
  2. I did that when it happened to me and as I said in another dedicated thread, removing the buff worked aesthetically but after testing I saw I could still resist magic without having the lantern anywhere near me (and nothing else granting magic immunity), so YMMV. It would also be a lot harder to test now since it's enemy-only spell resistance.
  3. I guess so, the description says it can cast these spells. Before the beta, the watery double had access to some of tekehu's gear abilities (mine could use the dragon summoning amulet and the greater blight summoning armor), so maybe they broke it while fixing this other thing
  4. I think druid is alright, at least my tekehu druid is good at what it does, and cypher is mostly ok except for whisper of treason, it should probably be a much higher level spell - gaze of the adragan and the druid storm are also gamechanging but you don't get them at lvl 1. Then again, I'm having a very easy time lategame without needing to charm anyone ever so I don't think cypher is too good, it's mostly because mobs don't really do anything dangerous. Scaling doesn't do anything at all late game: as I said before, if I can easily beat encounters marked as higher than my level, scaling mobs to my level doesn't change anything. I've no idea how to make the game more challeging (my crazy idea would be removing the accuracy/defenses gained by level and see what happens) but I'd say that, compared to baldur's gate 2 or divinity 2 for example, the game lacks strong casters, invisible rogues trying to snipe the mage and actual boss fights too.
  5. I continued a game at lvl 14 with the beta, fought 2 bounty fights marked with a skull (that is, mobs at a higher level than me) and the game is still ABSURDLY easy. A few AI settings are enough to win fights with no player input, no summons/consumables, most of my gear at just "exceptional" rank.
  6. Apparently in the beta the Watery Double summon is no longer clickable/controllable and just proceeds to attack with his fists instead of casting spells
  7. I believe this is another older bug, it happened to me too and I read it can happen with paladin auras as well. In my current game my pallegina has a permanent "duskfall: +1 penetration" status effect without owning the weapon.
  8. I decided to sever the binding from Xoti (with all the upgrades completed), and give the mace to Pallegina but I'm stuck at the "Rest at the altar" step; in a much older savegame where I hadn't fully upgraded the mace yet it works fine.
  9. Can confirm that AI stopped working after I swapped party members
  10. One of the problems with enchanting in this game is that certain abilities aren't marked as prerequisites for others (or that they're locked until a specific quest is resolved). To make matters even worse, some enchantments are mutually exclusive (with no information indicating it), forcing us to save-scum. Yeah figuring out enchantments is quite an exercise. After a while you start figuring out which ones are mutually exclusive, then you get to the scythe and instead you can have one only if you also have the other :D
  11. I started visiting all components merchants in neketaka whenever I'm in the neighborough, that really helped and I now have much more pyrite than I need. Never had to buy ta ondra tara myself but I see them selling good amounts of that as well. Amber is less frequent (even tho my bottleneck is actually money and emeralds or sapphires) but that might be intended to make you choose the upgrades carefully.
  12. Did you guys do the raw damage over time upgrade ("Finality" IIRC)? In my game (Xoti released the souls) I could upgrade "Urgent harvest" after that one so I assumed that's the prerequisite.
  13. If you want a solution before an official patch, the mod I listed above works on this too. Remove effects -> find Xoti's Lantern buff. You're right. It works. The mod also let me re-enable level scaling mid-game, which is cool. Thanks. No problem. That's what I did. It removes the buff from the character sheet and from beside the portrait, BUT the magic resitance is still there, even though it's not listed anywhere. I don't have the spell resistance talent or anything else and the lantern isn't equipped of course. So yeah it's an improvement but only in aesthetics.
  14. I'm having a similar problem with xoti's lantern spell resistance buff which became permanent on my main character. It reminds me of the old PoE1 bug of some temporary effects becoming permanent when saving the game too soon after a fight
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